Zachary Krelian

Zachary Krelian (aka the "Broken Man") is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. He is the long lost brother of Joseph Krelian and a key aid to the God King, and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview


Appearance and Physical Traits


Powers and Abilities

Strength + Slightly Psychic

Taste, Touch, and Smell


Never Forgets

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Weak Sensibilities

Keeps Grudges

Sight and Hearing


Carissa Krelian

Randall Krelian

Nerina LaVigne


God King


  • The "Broken Man" has the standard assortment of primary organs, and then incomplete sets of secondary and tertiary organs, as well. He did not always, though.
  • He has undergone a strict regimen of corrective plastic and laser surgery, though judging by the thick wraps of tape covering his body, you'd have to suppose they did not go very well.






Basic Bio

Zachary That Was
First Appearance: Post #
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: [wikipedia:] ()
Name Meaning: The Lord Remembers
Aliases: Zachary, Zechariah, Smiph
Age: 66
D.O.B.: October 30, 2362
Species: …Other
Height: - Full - 6' 9" (206 cm)
- Folded - 6' (182 cm)
Weight: 237 lb (108 kg)
Blood Type: N/A
Eyes: Amber
Ethnicity: N/A
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
Occupation: God King's Justice
Hobbies: - Reading paperbacks
- Dance
- Sports
Birthplace: John's Lot, Lilivert
Residence: N/A
Abilities: - Strength + Slightly Psychic
- Taste, Touch, and Smell
- Fluid/Androgynous
- Never Forgets
Weaknesses: - Weak Sensibilities
- Keeps Grudges
- Sight and Hearing
Weapon: - 15' LT-5 Switchblade

End Saga
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