Yggdrasil is the tentative title of a fantasy roleplay with elements of adventure, science fiction, parody, and surrealism thrown in for good measure. It may possibly be held on the roleplay community, Charm & Sequester. Should it sound bangin' to the masses it would be headed primarily by SephithSephith and it would be awesome, he promises. By the way, read the thread I put up about this first!


The basic set up, at least, has a long history. Let's see if I can sum it up without embarrassing myself…

Once upon a time, little Brandon (circa 2003) and his roleplay friends Tal, Ryoko, Eesh, and the twins, Kaiju and Yoyo, did a chat roleplay. The characters were like Final Fantasy 1 - white mage, black mage, knight, et cetera. It was really fun, so they decided to turn it into a Real Roleplay on their board, Anime Tower. That version can be found here here.

It didn't really take off. But in '04, they returned to the idea and beefed it up, connecting FF1's mytserious orbs with Norse mythology and various mysterious things and it was all very cool. Eventually this became "Yggdrasil's Tears", which is of course a very silly name. This version can be found here.

YT lasted for almost three years, and it was important to Brandon, Kaiju, and Yoyo. It was essentially Final Fantasy (elements from 1 and 6, mostly) and Slayers crossover fiction. Brandon has always dreamt of revisiting it somehow, has toyed with novelizations and total reworkings and blah blah blah…

Then he had an idea, which will be disclosed presently. That's pretty much it!


I changed "Basic Plot" to "Proposal." Experimenting with using the wiki for this sort of thing. What I'm going to do is present the basic idea, which includes the feel I'm going for, the setting, what'll likely be the "first arc", and a few "character" ideas.

Basic Idea

First of all, the basic idea can be boiled down to a few words: simplicity, heartfelt, fun, feel good, and quick. I'm not sure we can possibly keep the scope of our roleplay worlds down to Earth, but I think we can manage how much of it we actually explore. There's something to be said for starting a roleplay with a world rich in mythology, and then only exploring a fraction of it at a time. To keep things simple, let's focus on one thing at a time - which I'll cover in the "arc" section - and work on populating the world with characters we like - which I'll cover in the "characters" section. Also, "quick" doesn't equal "sloppy." Reset was slow and sloppy; this could be quick and neat very easily!


So: the "feel." It's pretty simple. What I'm imagining is a light-hearted fantasy action roleplay, a dramedy. Not too serious and not too silly. Most importantly, though: never, ever as meditative and somber as our other roleplays tend to be. As I said in the introduction, it might as well be a parody of what we've done before (and of our influences, too). But let's not take even that too far. This should be a chance for all of us to let loose a little - and try something new!

Strangers of all types come together and band under the who-gives-a-crap flag of adventurers and takes the world by storm, in other words. Equal parts Slayers, Gurren Lagann, and Cowboy Bebop (or any 90s Japanese RPGs you can think of) - so they should be on the run and ALWAYS be hungry, in other words. :P Of course, before we can do any of that…we need a place to do it in, don't we?


Take a look at this this.

This'll be the map we use. It's leftover from Yggdrasil's Tears - but that's all! What we have here is a blank slate with a few continents, names of towns, and (already) some interesting mysteries. It even has capital cities! The idea has always sort of been that this is a very small area in a larger world - sort of like Chrono Cross, which took place in a region of various islands. That way, transport doesn't seem quite as unwieldly, and it keeps things a bit more tense, too.

At any rate, I hope that we can just tackle this old map and imbue it with as much of ourselves as we possibly can. YT was straight fantasy, but I slipped "science fiction" into this roleplay's list of genres, so…think FF6! And more races may be welcome, too.

A very basic overview of what'll be carried over: There are legends of an ash tree with branches that reach into the heavens and roots that reach to the world's core - it lives at the center of the world and carries on its shoulders the world's judgment. Whether the tree is a living entity or merely a source of life is not rightly known, but it nonetheless has countless allies throughout the world. And once an age, a set of warriors are chosen by the tree and its allies, given orbs, and tasked with saving the world. Some say these warriors are Light and others say Dark - warriors of Heaven or Hell.

Believe me when I say this does not translate to "meditative and somber." There's a very fun way to cover this sort of mythology, as people who know Slayers might tell you. :) At the end of the day, the mythology is just there to give our characters something to deal with.

First Arc

I'm sort of borrowing from YT here in a couple of respects, but there's a good reason. Gotta start somewhere, right?

There were two definitive Introductory Arcs in YT. The first of them was the Lina Inverse-clone Aiyasha's journey to defeat and capture the fabled Espers - quirky summon creatures, in other words. (Ifrit was a knuckleheaded sort of guy, Shiva was all wise and smart, and Ramuh was a funny old man!) She was a born-white mage who had spent some years also mastering Black Magic, and had basically decided to hunt down the Espers as her next step in mastering ALL magic. Aiyasha was awesome.

The second was Kyle and Florina's hunt for the orbs - they were hired by a noble to gather them. This lead them to fighting the Red Dagger bandits, who had one of the orbs - and they were lead by a guy named Garland! (We were dorky FF-obsessed kids, give us a break.) There were various other fights for the orbs - they fought an Ice Dragon named Filla (aka Filia lolslayers) and the kingdom of Kelecia (bottom left of the map) was full of Dark Knights who lusted for the orbs' potential and whatnot. But anyway, that's that.

I think we could start in a similar way here. First of all, I'm thinking about aping Aiyasha for this - more on that in the character section - and that'd make the Esper storyline a must. But the group being hired by a noble of Derigarde (top right corner), whether for the orbs or something else, would be awesome as well. If Aiyasha gest aped, then the Esper thing could be an ongoing plot, while the hired-by-a-noble could be the more immediate thing they deal with.

As for overarching arcs, I'm thinking this should be a journey to Yggdrasil - the orbs deal might get mentioned as they go along, and they might get drawn further in the closer they get, but to begin with, I think they should just want to see Yggdrasil for some reason. It could be what they're hired to do, who knows. And they shouldn't be the only ones who wanna go there! It's gotta be full of action, after all. <3 I have some ideas about what should await them in Yggdrasil itself, but this is just a proposal…and let me just say here: this isn't going to be the same as Erasure and Endsaga and Reset and Atwar, where secrets have had to be kept to maintain tension and mystery. I'm gonna try and be as open as I possibly can for this. It used to be that way on Anime Tower - people were able to construct full storylines for themselves because everybody knew what was gonna go down, much like Jen does nowadays anyway. It was easier to work around each other back then, too. So full disclosure is the name of the game, because as I'm about to get to, I won't be the only one in charge of this roleplay. It'll be a group effort with just a little direction from me.

Characters & Cast

This will interest you a lot, I think. I mentioned wanting to bring Aiyasha back (hopefully Kaiju won't kill me). She fits the basic description of this roleplay - light hearted action adventure roleplay - perfectly. Here's the cool thing though: I want to make her a semi-NPC. She won't be just one person's character. I was initially going to say make her everybody's character, a genuine NPC, but then decided that we would probably benefit most if just two or three people were her primary writers. (I say this because, let's face it, some people click with that sort of collaboration better than others. It's proven Charmander fact.) Right off the top of my head, I think Julia, Nina, Krystal and myself might be the best candidates, or some variation therein (me and Nina, me and Krystal, me and Julia, Nina and Julia, Nina and Krystal, Julia and Krystal, sdlfjsdl confused, etc). That's because we're all used to writing in collaboration like that, and our styles are the most similar. Besides which this gives all of us the chance to have more secondary characters if we like while there's someone providing some direction to the group as a whole - and more time to focus on the development of those characters. In Endsaga, there are a lot of main characters. I can't focus on all of them at once, because I'm solely responsible for something like ten of them…but if someone else was worrying about them for me sometimes…man, it would be so much easier. It's impossible for Endsaga because of how tangled it's become, but this would be a perfect chance to try it out.

Likewise there would probably be other major characters we could divy up between other pairs of players, too. (Some good ones seem like me and Jen, Jake and Jen, Jake and Dy, Dy and me, Krystal and Nina, Julia and Krystal…and probably just about any other combo you can think of /totally got confused again.) We probably shouldn't try to micromanage too much, though; there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. ;)

Anyway…yes. Besides all of that, I have something else to say. Each of us has a particular style of character, I'm sure you'll agree - I play strong women ("intense" is what I've heard, lol) and little else, Jen is Drama incarnate and funny and scary, Ron likes his terse, wise tanks, Krystal likes to imbue a lot of herself in her characters, Nina has a nice balance of biting sarcasm and genuine heart in her boys and girls (and she's never dishonest about them, either!), Julia is always surprising us with her clever and unique ideas, and of course Jake is always trying something different, too - sometimes to his own frustation. <3 It's these characteristics that have kept Charmander going, if you ask me. It's all about the characters. So let's celebrate that, why don't we? Get playful! What I'm presenting you guys with is a challenge to construct a character you believe in, and who can keep up with the sort life these adventurers are likely gonna have to deal with, who plays well in groups (or learns to), who might come to love one another like we have each other. (Yes, I went there.) Let's celebrate Charmander by celebrating each other, in other words. How about it!?

That being said…I have this awesome idea for a Villain. Which I won't bother to go into, unless this gets positive reviews.

Basic Bio

Genre fantasy and other stuff
Original Author SephithSephith
Language English
Format Digital Roleplay
Length 0 Pages
Original Run Sometime soon, I hope!
Originally Starring Aiyasha
Opening Song TBA
Ending Song TBA
Time Period: Fantasy time!
Setting: Caledonia

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