Xion is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. He is a doctor and is played primarily by Jako HunterJako Hunter.

Character Overview


Appearance and Physical Traits


Powers and Abilities

Shape shifting

Xion, being a Salvatoris, can shape shift into another living being, within the limits of his total mass.

Aura Reading

Xion's long life and history allow him to see and interpret a person's aura, as he enters a trance-like state and speaks out a poem that reflects the subjects past, present and/or future.

Weaknesses and Handicaps

The Salvatoris are resilient, due to the nature of their long gone homeworld, very few physical means are available to harm one, but they do exist, for despite their extreme longevity, Salvatori are only mortal so a fatal wound at the right moment is as effective on any other creature.


The supurb physical condition of the Salvatori and their ability to shapeshift make them resilient to most attacks, but there is one trait that lifeforms possess that can effectively kill a Salvatori.
Vampirism. The leeching of one beings lifeforce from another.
Salvatori can adapt their bodies to resist to a form of vampirism, but the many types of life amongst the stars means that the is no one way to avoid one's life being dinner.

The Past






Basic Bio

First Appearance: Post #69
Played By: Jako HunterJako Hunter
Voiced by: Actor Name
Aliases: N/A
Age: 200 approx.
D.O.B.: Unknown
Species: Salvatoris
Height: Varies
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Scarlet
Ethnicity: Extraterrestrial
Sun Sign: Unknown
Chinese Zodiac: Unknown
Occupation: Doctor
Hobbies: N/A
Relatives: Unknown
Birthplace: Sirayan Homeworld (Destroyed)
Residence: n/a
Abilities: Shapeshifting, misc. Doctorites
Weaknesses: "Vampirism",
Weapon: natural
Theme: Overkill by Colin Hay

End Saga
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