Victor Ace
(character name)

Victor Ace (aka Ace) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. He is captain of the freighter ship The Kokoro, a pain in the ass, and generally a complete loony toon, and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview

There is not a whole lot to like about Victor Ace in the day-to-day: he's short, lazy, a slob, tells bad jokes and spews inaccurate or nonexistent statistics, has no sense of fashion (you might even think he has no wardrobe), inexperienced with basic human relationships, rude, greedy, sometimes bloody thirsty and always bored enough to go looking for a fight, and just prompt enough in any given situation to suit himself. Much of what he does is meant to suit himself, in fact, and it's a rare coincidence that any of his actions benefit another person. The degree to which Ace is capable of looking out for number one is just about preternatural. This is all true and well-documented - evidence can be seen in the distribution of his duties, in his long- and short-term relationships - and yet this man has a mostly loyal, dedicated, resourceful group of talented individuals galloping about the galaxy with him and doing his bidding without so much as an official complaint. (There are, of course, plenty of unofficial complaints. But if this is an official overview, well…you see?) Well, and it is fair to also point out his extreme charisma - whatever his faults, Victor Ace could charm the belt right off of Orion if he was so inclined.

No one is quite sure where Victor Ace came from, and he hasn't made a habit of sharing that sort of thing. It is known that he was born in Federation space and spent a decent chunk of his childhood on or around the military outpost base on Ra Shae, a frontier planet; he has had numerous questionable dealings with the Federation over the years, and betrayed them just as many times, but they seem to tolerate (and even to a degree enjoy) his antics. He has been captain of the Kokoro for around twenty years, but that hasn't always meant very much; there was a time, dim and dimmer, when he was the junk heap's sole occupant and operator, and he believed it would be his tomb.

Imagine this: Victor Ace as a coin. The one side, the one with the building on it, has been filed down to a smooth blankness; it is so clear of any previous marking that anything could have been there, he could have come from anyplace and been any person. The face of the coin is likewise marked up, though not so thoroughly and not because he has erased anything; it is just that he has survived so many things, seen so many strange sights, and been marked up in so many ways that the face of the coin could be a man or a woman, could be young or old, tall or short, blood red or copper, a killer or a saint. The man is a mystery, and though so many who surround him seem to think they know, where he is headed is murky at best; what he will do shrouded in the inky murk of the unknown.


There are a number of (mostly withheld) different curtains on the stage of Victor Ace's mind. In summary, they are Friend, Hero, the all-time favorite Killer, and Child. They are the various roles, suits, and purposes Victor Ace adorns, and though sometimes the clothes worn or the purpose pursued are cross-wired between the different so-called curtains, they remain happily unaware of one another. They are not, however, separate personalities; they are merely masks and tools, the same sort of things each of us uses to approach the various challenges we encounter in life but taken to a fairly extreme point. In fact, what could be considered the predominant trait in his character would be a simple lack of self-awareness. He often does things without a thought or even a speck of consideration; this seems to support the fact that he approaches life from so many different angles rather than being a symptom of it, a relic or a kink remaining from early in his life.

The qualities that seem to bounce back and forth most effectively throughout his "curtains" are his loyalties and his belief in the singular importance of his survival…and the consequences his death might have on the universe at large.


The heat-warmer, the listener, the man who believes in the people around him: the man who yearns to receive love he cannot return.


The charming, handsome, quick-witted swashbuckler - the man that, in days long past, drew bright-eyed youngsters to his banner and managed to win the trust of the crew of the Kokoro. The man who has come to believe he is the only hero left; that he alone is the universe's last hope.


The black-heart, the thing in the man that yearns to come out on top, the thing that won't ever forget. Responsible for the deaths of Fole Locke, Julianne Kant, and every man, woman, and child on Rylon X; responsible for the reckless abandon in the man; responsible for attacking Regina.


The stubborn, heartfelt, beautiful, sloppy, terrified core of the man. A side of him that only Janny (and now Regina) has seen with any frequency.

Appearance and Physical Traits


Powers and Abilities

The Compass



Brief But Intense Military History

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Lack of Self-Awareness

No Regard For Life

Lazy & Sloppy

General Lack of Technical Skill


Regina Arianarc

Alphonse Tandem


Elrick Peregrine

Janny Doffeulil

Greco Doffeulil


  • Regina popped Ace's cherry. He was at the ripe age of 37.
  • "Victor Ace" probably is not his real name. But what's in a name, right?

Basic Bio

Victor Ace
First Appearance: Post #7
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: [wikipedia:(nathan_fillion Nathan Fillion) (English)
Name Meaning: Victor of the highest rank.
Aliases: Ace
Age: 37
D.O.B.: April 19th
Species: Human
Height: 5'7" ( cm)
Weight: 142 lbs ( kg)
Blood Type: O
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Egyptian/Japanese/Caucasian
Sun Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
Occupation: Captain of the Kokoro
Occasional Federation errand boy
Hobbies: N/A
Relatives: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Residence: The Kokoro
Abilities: The Compass
Brief But Intense Military History
Weaknesses: Lack of Self-Awareness
No Regard For Life
Lazy & Sloppy
General Lack of Technical Skill
Weapon: He isn't allowed to carry weapons. It's in Alph's contract.
Theme: (YouTube link character theme songs)

End Saga
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