The Tablet


The tablet is actually a very valuable Lili Tablet that was created hundreds of years ago. From what Commander Joseph “Hoss” Krelian told Rosabella, the production of these tablets was halted after several attacks were made on the creators. These creators were said to possess abilities that were not human. Not much information is really known about these tablets, except that they were made in Lilivert and that Rosabella was one of the few remaining ones.


The tablet didn’t enter Rosa’s life until she was in her teenage years and ever since then; the two had rarely ever separated. Once Rosabella learned of her strange talent, she’s used it as a stress reliever. When she feels down and out, she quickly pulls the tablet.

When Rosa was around 17 – 18, her father decided to take her tablet away from her and tried to get her to focus her time on fighting. The only reason she focused on this was to get her tablet back. It was her best friend and her only source of joy after all. After a small scene between her father and her, he gave her back the tablet willingly. To this day, she still has no idea why he did so.


Mysterious Drawings

Ever since Rosabella was given this tablet, she’s been able to use it to create mysterious drawings. With only a pencil as her tool, she ends up relaxing every muscle in her body and draws without actually knowing what’s going on. Her head usually falls straight back and her conscious awareness is not present. The only part of her body that is moving is her hand.

There are times that Rosabella gets emotional when drawing. When showing Commander Joseph Krelian her special talent, a wide smile cracked on her face as she drew the body of Alphonse Tandem. It wasn’t until her pencil reached his facial details did she begin to cry for no apparent reason.

Finally when Rosabella is done with one of her drawings, she usually finds herself on the floor due to weakness of her body. It doesn’t bother her much, for she’s always pleased with the result of her drawings. They’re usually very detailed and Rosabella gets a real sense about the person or scene.

Rosabella never has any idea what she’s drawing until she wakes up.


(This is just a rough draft. I'll fix it up later.)

Rosabella's tablet isn't very special in its appearance. There is nothing special about the cover or even the pages. If anything, the thing that makes the tablet unique is the material that it is made out of. No one is exactly sure what it is but those who are native to Lilivert can recognize it right away.

The cover is light peach in color and has the official Lilivert symbol on it (I'll totally come up with one later if need be) in a strange green ink. This Lilivert crest doesn't make the appearance very special because there are actually several kinds of tablets that were created in Lilivert. Instead, it's the pages that catch the native Lilivert's eye. The pages are made out of a strange paper material that is only processed in Lilivert.

(To be continued…)

End Saga
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