The Federation
The Federation

The Federation was the first major galactic human government to be founded beyond the Sol system, and currently is considered the most important of all currently existing human governments, the ideal in culture, technological advancement and application, attitude, morality and ethics.


In the early days, there was no "Federation" - the outpost on the planet Liverpool, the present capital of the nation-state, was merely a waystation for explorers hoping to push further into the latest frontier - a rowdy sort of place for buccaneers and pirates and ambitious frontiersmen ready for a challenge. The management of this waystation would also handle a minimum of rescue operations, inspections of ships, technology, medicine, and other miscellaneous cargo being taken in to and out of the uncharted regions of space, and aiding various scientific endeavors (most especially the development of navigational maps for space), being the freshest and most agile group in the region capable of conducting such missions. This is the aspect of the original outpost that carries the most weight in what is now the Federation - a spirit of professionalism and dedication to the latest technologies with the genuine intent of pushing the boundaries of the human experience to its limits. This is not to say that the Federation and its previous iterations are purely benevolent, of course; being as agile and muscular as it is, it often plays with where the fine line of right and wrong exist, and is always internally struggling with what ought to be achievable and what ought not to be.

Political: Beliefs & Relationships


With Republic of Polkind

With Allied Systems of Houl

Dealings With Baja Cluster

Dealings With Usurpers/God King

Dealings With Alien Contact

Cultural Highlights

Innovation Highly Praised

All Branches of Science: Muscular, Feisty, Competitive, Agile

Physical Alterations Accepted and Praised

Fiercely Secular

Science and reason…but, at least in academia, approached much like Buddhism, calm, serene, thorough. In the market…see "All Branches of Science."

New Media

Video, games, projections, screens

Best Hardware

Wristlet (upgrade to the wraparound; smaller, more powerful); kick-link

General Data

The Federation
The Federation
General Characteristics
First Appearance: Post # 56
Year of Inception:
Capital City: Liverpool
Languages: Official:
Most Popular:
Demonym: (What you call someone from here.)
Leadership: President
Vice President
Legislature: (What sort of legislative body determines laws.)
Area: (Size.)
Currency: (Gil! Lol.)
Greenwich Says: "The official 'local time' applied by the Galactic Greenwich Standard Offices Out of Sol System."
Other Generalities
Religion: Secular; (barely) tolerant of stable, moderate, calm faiths
Political Alliances: (With whom the state is allied, officially or unofficially.)
Economics: ?free market?
Outline of Resources:
Technological Level: (Based on the forthcoming Tiers of Advancement.)
Colonization: (Covered by the Tiers.
Militarization: (Ditto.)
Social Normalities: (Ditto.)

End Saga
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