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Tau is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is a crew member of the Ultima Esperanza and is played primarily by The JenThe Jen.


Tau is exceedingly kind and caring, having an almost motherliness about her. She tries to remain as cheerful as possible in spite of her circumstances and the kitsunian is very adept at hiding her sadness beneath smiles. She is fiercely loyal to those who have gained her trust.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Being of the kitsunian race she possesses a bushy foxlike tail that she can wrap around herself for warmth. She also has two sets of ears, one set is a normal set of ears and the other are very sensitive fox ears. Tau has long white hair, ice blue eyes and is of average height and weight with an athletic yet perfectly curvaceous build.


Tau's family was captured by slavers when she was very young, and her parents were killed shortly after giving her a strange egg which her mother claimed would protect her. Some time later she and the other slaves were rescued by Elrick Peregrine; having nowhere else to go she was taken aboard the Ultima Esperanza and has lived there ever since. She was educated by the A.I. Phobos and looked after by Deimos. The egg hatched a short time later, the baby Goo attaching himself to her head almost immediately. Some time after the departure of Samuun, Tau found out about Elrick's history and was heartbroken. From then on she spends her days desperately trying to ward off his depression while beginning to develop her own.

Powers and Abilities

Ability 1

Strength greater than a human's, allowing her to wield

Ability 2

Superior senses

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Weakness 1


Weakness 2

Extreme devotion, to the point of fanaticism


Character 1

Tau is Elrick's lieutenant and closest friend, she secretly harbors feelings for him

Character 2

Tau is Goo's surrogate mother


  • Tau is a talented painter
  • She claims that she is "not very good" at the arcade's dancing game, yet her only opponent has twelve legs…

Basic Bio

First Appearance: Post # 3
Played By: The JenThe Jen
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Age: Relative, approx. 21 in human years
D.O.B.: Unknown
Species: Kitsunian
Height: approx. 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Blood Type: O Negative
Hair: White
Eyes: Ice blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: First Mate of the Ultima Esperanza
Hobbies: Painting
Relatives: None
Birthplace: Space
Residence: Battleship Ultima Esperanza
Weapon: High Voltage Rifle
Theme: Bridge Over Troubled Water

End Saga
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