Samuun is a character in the roleplay Endsaga, and is played primarily by DyalloDyallo.

Character Overview

Samuun is a rather dark and foreboding beast of a humanoid. He is 7' tall and at a whim his joints turn fluidic and allow him to run on all-fours like an old terran wolf. He is old. He started counting how old he was when he first came across humanity, that was 245 years ago. His real age is very hard to judge and could be somewhere around two to three thousand years. He still needs to subsist on a diet of blood, but can eat normal food human and otherwise, it simply doesn't nourish him. Due to his age, his need for blood has diminished drastically. According to myth and legend he once destroyed and entire colony and the orbital space station while hunting something. He has been known to have a soft spot for human women and knows the captain and crew of the Ultima Esperanza seemingly well.


Known to have brooding air about him, he talks when necessary and not much beyond that. He's known for a slightly twisted sense of humor and has a fondness for scaring people who don't know him.

Appearance and Physical Traits

He is a tall humanoid in shape, but covered in a heavy fur. His head has a very lupine shape and has been known to be called wolfish. He almost constantly wears black form fitting leather pants and a black leather jacket. The clothing is worn for purely societal concerns, but is made out of a strange fabric that adapts to when he needs to run on all fours. Strapped to his back by a wide leather strap is his monofilament sword. On the end of the hilt is a jewel of some kind that houses the radiant energy he gives off and powers the sword itself. Situated on the side of his hips are two slightly odd looking pistols.


Coming from a now dead world and being the last of his kind, his history is locked tightly with interstellar myth and legend.

Powers and Abilities

Able to see events into the future only as he is involved in them.
Pyrokinesis involving preexisting flames.

Basic Bio

First Appearance: Post #2
Played By: DyalloDyallo
Age: 245 (claims to be)
Species: Sirayan
Height: 7'
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow or Black
Occupation: Assassin, Protector, or Destroyer
Birthplace: Sirayan Homeworld (Destroyed)
Abilities: Being as long lived as he, his skills are to many to put down
Weapons: - The Longsword Sirayan with its mono filament edge.
- Twin Energy Pistols (which combine into a rifle) they fire six shots

End Saga
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