Saedin is a fictional character in the roleplay Erasure. He is played primarily by DyalloDyallo.

Character Overview

Saedin is from a family of remnants. His family carries the blessing and a curse of armor that is made from their own flesh and hardens itself to resist most attacks. He was also trained in the art of war and swordsmanship as a personal guard for the Fey King. His family residence and the entirety of his living family were destroyed by Elijah Roahn, as he watched. His escape is a surrounded in vague, cryptic stories. He now has been tracking The Remnant for several years.


He's brash and a tough nut to crack. He keeps mostly to himself, but has been known to voice almost venomous sarcasm in contrast to his reserved nature. He is loyal to a fault, but at times this leash of loyalty seems to chafe at him.

Appearance and Physical Traits

He appears as a tall, muscular man, with steel gray hair. He wears a loose white shirt tucked into gray loose fitting trousers. Wrapped in almost unearthly sheaths, situated in an x formation on his back, are two blades that glimmer and seem to loose substance when drawn and are rumored to have come from another world.


Saedin comes from a unique family with long standing ties to the Fae King and his dynasty. His family has sent one male from every generation (usually the eldest) to serve as and be trained by the Fey King's personal guard. After returning from the 7 year term of service, Saedin settled into his normal home life with his parents and siblings, when the Remnant, Elijah Roahn, attacked and tortured his family. He has been tailing him ever since.

Powers and Abilities

He has been bequeathed with armor that resides underneath his skin and rises in case of attack. It will withstand most physical attacks, but cannot sense magical attacks. However, Saedin can summon the armor to cover his entire body if he notices the attack. He has no innate magical ability of his own and can only perform very minor level spells usually associated with general survival, such as fire starting.

Played By: DyalloDyallo
Age: presumed to be around 32
Species: Human Remnant
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200
Hair: Steel Gray
Eyes: Steel Gray
Occupation: Mercenary/Guard/Fey King's Personal Guard
Weapon: Two swords seemingly formed of something ephemeral and never go dull.

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