Rosabella (aka Rosa) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is a prisoner on the freighter ship the Kokoro and is played primarily by KwysKwys.

Character Overview

Rosabella is a 20 year old sheltered girl who has spent a majority of her life locked up in her fathers house. In her later years, she was placed in her bedroom to stay, learning nothing except from her books. She's very sheltered and rather naive, trusting almost everyone who gives her the time of day. She enjoys to talk when she's given the chance but if she's betrayed, Rosabella becomes a very vicious person. She also LOVES boobs.

Rosabella's only hobbies rest within her books and her tablet. She also finds new sights and objects to be very fascinating and if given the chance, she'll explore without any fear.


Rosabella’s personality has its extreme sides. When she’s happy, she seems to be extremely happy and full of small giggles. A twinkle can be seen in her eyes when she feels a bit of satisfaction or joy in her life. But just like her happiness, her sadness and anger have its extremes as well. This is sadly the way Rosabella is most of the time. Happiness isn’t a real part of her life.

Due to the way she was raised, Rosabella tends to have a rather sad attitude. She hasn’t been given a real reason to live, except for the dreams she holds onto dearly. This makes her lows pretty irrational as well. She tends to think about death and what the experience would feel like. Due to not knowing, she is almost positive that death is a happy experience and one to almost long for. Because of this, some may say that her outlook is bleak. Others may say she’s just trying to find happiness like everyone else. Either way, Rosabella has her issues with depression.

The other extreme Rosa feels is her anger. It’s the last part that makes up the impression she puts out to people. When angry, Rosabella tends to be rather sadistic and hostile towards everyone and everything. It makes her feel better to have something to lash out at, whether it be the person that made her angry or the nearest object. Either way, something is going to get hurt. It’s just the way Rosabella works.

People tend to see Rosabella only as a sheltered, naïve, and crazy twenty year old girl. However, there’s so much more to her then meets the eye. She’s a very kind and gentle soul deep down that wishes to meet a true friend. She wants to meet someone who she can confide in and pour her heart and soul to. She’s never had that kind of bond and to a point; she’s almost desperate for it. She’d bend over backwards for anyone who puts a friendly smile on their face toward her. This may present her as being overly trusting but in reality, it makes Rosabella more loving and caring then most people. Since she’s looking for that type of relationship, she’d be the most loyal friend anyone could ever wish for.

Overall, Rosabella has her weaknesses but overall, she’s a very determined and spirited girl full of hope and dreams. She’s drowning in love and passion and no matter how naïve and overly curious she seems, deep down she’s just as mentally intelligent as everyone else.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Rosabella stands around 5’6’’ in height and is an average size girl overall. She has beautiful caramel colored hair, which is layered, and flows down to the middle of her back. Her most noticeable feature is her eyes, which are a rather unique shade of turquoise. They sparkle in the light and are gateways to what she’s really feeling.

Rosabella has an average size nose which leads down to her awkwardly small mouth. However, she has rather luscious lips that seem too big to the proportion of her mouth. Hers lips are a very light shade of pink but they stick out and seem to be darker due to her pale complexion (due to lack of sunlight obviously). Rosabella has a very cute face and this is mostly due to her heart-shaped face, which seems to bring out her better features.

Rosabella has almost perfect posture but never has her arms down at her sides. Either they at her hips, they are crossed, or they are hanging in front of her with her hands intertwined together in some way. (This makes her look more innocent). As for Rosabella’s dress, her top half consists of a faded white tank top with inch-long straps. This is why Rosabella wears a maroon-colored hoodie which is a bit larger and goes below her hip line. As her for bottom half, she wears a ruffled black shirt that’s also a bit faded (Her maroon hoodie is her newest and best piece of clothing) but is rather long and goes to about her knee length.

As for her footwear, Rosabella chooses to wear a pair of white boots that have a maroon lace in the right boot and a black lace in the left boot. These boots are rather old themselves and have gone through a lot of wear and tear. But this wear and tear doesn’t compare to most precious part of her attire – her gloves. After her father denied getting her a new pair, Rosabella decided to fix them herself. She took old belts that were around and used them to hold her gloves together. Now she must undo each belt to take the gloves off and to put them back on.

Rosabella doesn’t wear any real accessories besides her jade hair clips (to keep her hair out of her eyes of course) and her favorite (and only) necklace – a teardrop which is actually a real sapphire. She’s had it for as long as she can remember and hates being without it around her neck. In a way, it’s like her protection from the world and a little piece of comfort.

There is one last "accessory" to mention, even though Rosabella refuses to admit it even exists. Some time ago, Rosabella realized that she has a barcode tattoo on her lower back for the whole world to see. Besides the horrible whip scars that cover a majority of her back, this tattoo is one of the reasons Rosabella's back and shoulders are always covered.


I'm going to rewrite this later.

Powers and Abilities

The Tablet

Rosabella got her tablet on a random day many years ago. She doesn’t remember exactly how old she was but she does remember the joy her heart soaked in.

The tablet doesn’t have much benefit to anyone but herself. In a way, it’s her security blanket but at the same time, it’s also her only friend. When she opens it, it sends weird chills down her spine that almost warm her soul. This is what Rosabella believes activates the powers of her tablet. When she holds the pencil in her right hand and closes her eyes, the world seems to disappear for just a while. She had no idea what she’s drawing but at the same time, she has no idea what’s happening to herself at this time either.

People can recognize this tablet drawing by the abnormally straight posture while drawing and her head resting back all the way. Before she starts drawing, she makes sure to close her eyes, because she fears that if she doesn’t, her lifeless eyes will stare coldly at nothingness.

It happens rarely but while she draws, Rosabella’s body goes through weird and rocky emotions. Sometimes she’ll wake up with the remnants of tears on her cheeks and sometimes those same cheeks will feel rosy red.

In the end, the ending result of this ability is a strange drawing. What’s even stranger about these drawings of hers is that these places or people seem to have connection to her own life. It might not be at that moment but eventually they do in some way, whether it’s small or huge.

Maybe someday Rosabella will further understand what all of this means.


Of all the weapons Rosabella was exposed to during her younger years, she clung onto her twin pistols the most. Due to her extensive training, she has a sharp eye and can almost hit any target without much effort. This only tends to happen when she’s completely focused though. If her mind is anywhere but on her target though, she’ll always miss.

Rosabella was worked with so harshly that she would never dare miss her target now. After so much conditioning on a person, they can almost taste the lack of food or the beatings for failing. Sometimes Rosabella unconsciously feels the after effects of such failure. Perhaps that’s why she never misses.

++ Boobs
Through Rosa's power of breasts she can captivate any man, and most women.

Weaknesses and Handicaps


It’s an extremely bad habit but perhaps Rosabella’s greatest weakness is the truth that she installs in others. It seems whenever she meets someone, she actually assumes that that person is there to assist her. This is an extreme flaw, especially since everyone that comes into Rosa’s life doesn’t want to help her. From what she’s learned, everyone simply uses her for their own benefit.

But no matter how many failures and no matter times she’s hurt, Rosabella keeps on trusting people. Anyone could easily take advantage of her and her kindness and it’s bound to happen. No one can be that open to people and not expect to get hurt.

Too bad she doesn’t know any better.


The weakness of Rosabella’s that stands out the most is her extreme attitude. When upset, Rosabella isn’t afraid to bash anyone and that turns most people away from her. She’s also one that doesn’t like authority, especially if this authority rubs her the wrong way. Rosa will deliberately disobey anyone that betrays her or breaks that sweet trust she hands them.

Rosabella’s attitude can cause her to either bawl her eyes out, break and throw items around the room, or snap at the person who upset her. To most, this kind of behavior makes Rosabella seem like a child, so they treat her as such. In reality, it’s just Rosa trying to feel better from all the pain she’s been forced to tolerate.


If a person really gets to know Rosabella, they’ll quickly realize that she’s more than just a little naïve. Sadly, Rosabella has the experience of a young child when it comes to the real world. She hasn’t done a majority of tasks that most people go through every day. Rosabella has never been shopping, has never cooked herself a meal, and wouldn’t know how to wash clothes if she tried. The only small activities she got to participate in included sweeping, moping, and dusting. Otherwise some might say that Rosabella is rather useless.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Rosa is pretty naïve about the world around her as well. She doesn’t know how to socially interact with people, what is acceptable to do in public, and other social norms. If Rosabella was ever forced to walk through a large crowd of people by herself, she wouldn’t know what to do. She’d be as helpless as a child that had just lost their parent.

The truth is hard for Rosabella to face but she knows it’s as such. If she wasn’t a prisoner, she wouldn’t know what to do. She’s never had a real life before and without guidance, she’ll never be able to have one. She’ll be forced to be a prisoner forever, even though that’s the last thing she desires.

++ Derpism
Rosabella suffers from severe Derpism, or "Derpy Syndrome." This rare disease affects her eyes, causing them to wander aimlessly. During these outbreaks Rosabella often yells out for "MUFFINS!"


Commander Joseph "Hoss" Krelian

The "Commander" as Rosa liked to call him was the first person she met outside of her fathers estate. He willingly kidnapped her from her residence and began to plan an attack on him with her. During their short time together, the two of them developed what seemed to be a "father/daughter" relationship. Commander Joseph "Hoss" Krelian became very protective over Rosabella's keeping and Rosa looked to him for guidance. Their relationship was ended after Rosabella was kidnapped and Commander Joseph Krelian was murdered.

Alphonse Tandem

Alphonse Tandem just happened to be Rosabella's kidnapper but also her protector as Samuun went on a rampage in the mansion. The two of them were barely able to escape with their lives. Although their first talking went smoothly, Rosabella's stubbornness has caused a rift between them. A few weeks later, Alph tried to return her necklace to her and treated her with extreme kindness. She's now determined to try and become friends with him, even if it doesn't appear likely.


The first time Rosa encountered Samuun, Alph and her ran for their lives to prevent their early death. As they quickly found out, he likes to rip humans apart and digest their hearts. After their escape, Rosa prayed she'd never have to see him again. However, not too long after she's placed in the prisoners room on the Kokoro, he reappears. Rosa was scared for her life until she realized that Samuun just wanted to become her protector. She had no idea why he wants to protect her but all she knew was that she hoped he'd be someone she can trust and lean on.

For a while after his speech, Rosabella didn't see him and she was convinced he had abandoned her too. Samuun proved otherwise by returning and dedicating most of his time to being her guard. He gives her regular restroom breaks, regular shower time, and even trips around Kokoro. Not only has he proven himself to be a good friend but also the only person Rosabella can truly lean on. She confides in him about her worries and woes and he actually listens. She's not sure if this is because he promised he would be there for her or because he feels the same pain that she does.

Regina "Ulysses" Arianarc

Rosabella first met |Regina Arianarc after she and the rest of her party joined her and Alph on the lighter. After Regina mentioned the Commander, Rosabella's heart perked back up only to be crushed. Regina had killed Commander Krelian. As tears literally drenched her eyes and fell down her cheeks, she knew she could never forgive Regina for what she had done.

Much later on, Regina ended up paying Rosabella a visit. The instant she saw Regina, she wanted to kill her. However, she eased her hatred by giving Regina so much grief that she ended up storming out of the room. So much for a happy friendship.

Rupert Lodess

Rupert of all people was the one who let Rosabella out of her room during a very dire moment (Going to the bathroom is pretty important). Rupert's kindness instantly drew her attention to him and for the small amount of time they spent together, she trusted him. She asked about what happened to the ship and about how Alph was doing as well. Even though Rupert gave her rather inadequate answers, she still felt comfortable talking to him.


Tau rescued Rosa from the Kokoro and introduced her to her new "captain," Elrick Peregrine. So far, Tau has proved to be more of a friend than anyone she has ever met. Rosa is positive that as time goes by, they'll become inseparable.

Elrick Peregrine

When Rosa met Elrick, she was instantly struck by his handsomeness. He's a lovely man and his politeness instantly charmed her over. To thank him for everything, she kissed him but didn't feel any of "spark" like the girls in her stories tend to feel. Although he is dashing, Rosa isn't too sure what to think of Elrick. She hopes to learn more about him as time goes on.

Nerina LaVigne

Rosa told Tau a little bit about her old instructor, Nerina LaVigne. She was Rosabella's teacher from five to seventeen years old. Rosa claims that she's the reason Nerina is dead but nothing else is known about this woman.


  • Rosa was given a high education and can almost be considered a "genius." She's advanced in almost every subject, though she admits her least favorite was foreign language. Her best subjects were science and history.
  • Rosa has a few hidden talents. Over the years she has learned to tailor to her own clothes and nurse herself back to health. She enjoys the medical area very much.
  • Rosa claims she's never had a true friend before to hide her pain over losing Nerina.

Basic Bio

First Appearance: Post # 9
Played By: KwysKwys
Voiced by: Caitlin Glass (English)
Name Meaning: Beautiful rose
Aliases: Rosa or Bella in special occasions.
Age: 20
D.O.B.: 2407
Species: Human
Height: 5'6'' ( cm)
Weight: 140 pounds ( kg)
Blood Type: N/A
Hair: Chestnut brown
Eyes: Turquoise
Ethnicity: N/A
Sun Sign: N/A
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Occupation: Prisoner
Hobbies: - Reading a wide variety of books
- Drawing in her tablet
- Daydreaming
Relatives: Father - still alive
Birthplace: N/A
Residence: - Lived at her father's estate until the age 20
- Was temporarily a prisoner on the Kokoro
- Is now staying in the Esperanza
Abilities: - Drawings in her tablet
- Experience in fighting
Weaknesses: - Trusting people too easy
- Fierce attitude
- Too Naïve
Weapon: - Twin pistols
- Hand-to-hand combat skills
- Attitude
Theme: Control by Poe
Shinjitsu no Yukue

End Saga
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