Ritewe is a fictional character in the roleplay At War. He is Trill's guardian, thus bounty hunter by association, and is played primarily by StitchyStitchy.

Character Overview


Appearance and Physical Traits

Ritewe appears simply as an average size wolf. His coloration and build can be attributed as being similar to an Iberian wolf. Ritewe is well nourished and athletic so he can best keep up with Trill's wanderings, and protect her, if need be, in battle. Seeing as he can do much else than exercise or read, reading being a much rarer opportunity on the road, Ritewe's coat is sleek and healthy, as are his muscles. He is a prime example of a wolf toughened in the wild, but having been blessed with higher consciousness.

Though he is an animal, Ritewe's face is extremely expressive, perhaps even supernaturally so. He tends to wear a stern, determined look, his natural demeanor coming through easily on his face. His eyes are yellowish green in color. His body language holds some sort of drilled politeness and stoicism; his back his always stock straight when perched, but chin low. Ritewe's voice is youthful, but that of an obviously adult male. He tends to have a brotherly or fatherly tone, taking on the role quite often, sometimes to the dismay of others.


Not even Trill knows much about Ritewe's origins. He came to live with Orphinus Outhla, Trill's father and herself when Trill was still a child. Trill remembers little about the stormy night her father came home with a mangled mass of fur in his arms, but knows that Ritewe came to them while in dire need. He was one of Trill's few playmates throughout her life, and lived with the two for about 40 years. Trill has asserted that Ritewe must be something close to immortal, or have a very slow aging process, as he has not changed at all in physical terms in so many years.

In any case, Ritewe never speaks of his past to anyone. For example, if questioned about his ability to speak, he will wordlessly ignore the questioner until they drop the subject.

Powers and Abilities

Ritewe rarely engages in battle, thus very few come to know the extent of Ritewe's skills. He does have an immense affinity for Magical Detection, surpassing Trill's in acuteness and sensitivity. One other magic power he exhibits on a more regular basis is barrier manifestation. Though, as Trill would confirm, Ritewe's magical ability far surpasses these feats.

Magical Detection


Weaknesses and Handicaps

Weakness 1

Weakness 2


Trill Outhla


  • Ritewe's favorite food is roasted Gully Flower.




Name Prounciation


Basic Bio

First Appearance: Post # 11
Played By: StitchyStitchy
Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)
Name Meaning: Grass (Ri) Eyes (Tewe)
Aliases: N/A
Age: N/A
D.O.B.: N/A
Species: Wolf
Height: 33 inches (84 cm)
Weight: 88 lbs (40 kg)
Blood Type: N/A
Hair: Tawny
Eyes: Golden Green
Ethnicity: N/A
Sun Sign: N/A
Occupation: Guardian and Bounty hunter
Hobbies: - Reading/studying
- Running
- Hunting
- Observing
- Dishing out advice
- Guarding Trill
Relatives: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Residence: N/A
Abilities: - Magical Detection
- Barrier Manifestation
- Numerous magics
- Photographic memory
Weaknesses: - Worrywart
- Jaded
- Beautiful women
- Lack of opposable thumbs
Weapon: N/A

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