Riley dej Kiyt is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is the illegitimate youngest daughter of Joseph Krelian, and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview


Riley is a proud girl, and that’s putting it quite nicely; some might call her a territorial, anachronistic, god hating, scheming, tactless warmonger, and then you’d be taking it too far. It’s difficult to pin her down. There’s good reason: she hails from a caged-match environment where she had to fight for everything, even amongst her “family,” and was unceremoniously thrust into a world of comfort, education, and proper training. It gave her focus and perspective, but those caring for and training her made sure never to erase her old life. Riley has hellfire in her, and she’s been taught how to use it.

That’s not to say all their education took. The girl is socially awkward, and is in possession of a wild, ravenous imagination that’s difficult to satiate. Sometimes she plays unfortunate games with those around her. Sometimes the games don’t work out so well for everybody.

For all that, you’d be surprised how normal Riley comes off as.

Appearance and Physical Traits

A desert waif, Riley grew up in a tough environment; she rarely ate or drank anything healthy, the universe was against her. The body finds a way to adapt and survive through such things, however - this is espeically true for Riley, a girl born to the extraordinary. Nonetheless, every inch of Riley reflects her early upbringing: she’s slight, lithe, powerful, and low maintenance. As she matures (and her circumstances change), the slightness gives way to a surprisingly supple curve, as much an example of her womanhood as the cushy arrangements she's made for herself over the last seven years.

That being said, there is an inexplicable airy, playful air about Riley.

Riley has brown skin, dark and creamy; yet she seems strange and exotic in that skin, given the way her unmistakably Caucasian features blend with the strong, well-defined lines of her genetic inheritance. Her Kerat heritage can be found in her strong jawline, the plump lower lip; and her Krelian father, brother, and sisters are familiar with the regal cheekbones and forehead, and the tidy way in which her eyes settle on her face. Her hair is very, very dark brown, striped with dim red lines of fading dye, coarse as rock; she has allowed it to grow to her shoulders and generally secures it in some way over her left shoulder.

Riley's present is constantly at odds with her past, and that is clearest in her fashion sense. Her dress is not strictly conservative, of course; however, no dresses, no frills, no drama. The sort of shirt she's taken a liking to is essentially an olive green polo shirt, except that on the left side the bottom expands and fills out; Riley has taken to tie-dying this "tail" in various colors and patterns. She also wears very short shorts, functional and air tight, and a loose belt with various pouches for items of interest, on which she also clips whatever weapon she happens to have with her. Riley's entire right leg is entrenched by a tattoo, one she got in her youth; to balance out the visual, her left leg has a bluish-black, filmy leg brace wrapped around from her mid-thigh to mid-calf. She goes barefoot whenever she can, to relish the experience, but in general she goes for light, sandal-like footwear, in keeping with her hand-to-hand specialization in combat.


The tattoo on Riley's right leg appears to be in the likeness of a face. It's symmetrical down the front of her leg, like an ink blot; the mouth of the tattoo forms a mouth around her knee, and there are two tiny, green dots for eyes on her thigh; the likeness reaches the woman's collar bone, which wraps neatly at an angle to the heel.


Obviously, Riley didn’t grow up with the other Krelian kids. She’s the illegitimate child of Joseph Krelian, and although he made contact with her nearly seven years ago and brought her to the Rylon X research site, her siblings weren’t aware of her until their mother’s death. Needless to say, they didn’t take well to learning about her—more because the Krelian dynamic is based on that sort of conflict, rather than any of them having an actual problem with Joseph’s philandering.

Riley knows only the basics of her mother’s relationship with the Republic’s most important general. She was a representative for their area of space—Riley and her mother and other siblings lived on a desert world called Kerat, itself a part of the now-dissolved Kolonat Confederation—and translator and ambassador. When Joseph came to settle some local disputes involving the Republic’s recent acquisition of the Confederation, Riley’s mother helped him out. They eloped. Riley suspects her father did it on purpose, to establish or further the research he would later pursue on Rylon X.

Riley could care less, though. What Joseph brought her was opportunity, and she seized it willingly. Whether she’ll continue to follow her idiot brother’s commands for much longer is a different story altogether.

Powers and Abilities



Weaknesses and Handicaps


Lack of Fear

No Inhibition


Joseph Krelian

Nastasia Krelian

Randall Krelian

Kelvena Krelian

Carissa Krelian

Ezmeralda Krelian


  • Riley is incapable of reading. The written word of any kind - of any language - simply does not compute.






Basic Bio

Riley dej Kiyt
First Appearance: Post #
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: [wikipedia:] ()
Name Meaning: Valiant
Aliases: Rye
Blood Type:
Sun Sign:
Chinese Zodiac:
Birthplace: Kerat, Kolonat Confederation

End Saga
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