Regina Arianarc

Regina "Ulysses" Arianarc is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is a self-styled refugee and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview

Not many people know who Regina Arianarc is. However, the name "Ulysses" is known far and wide amongst the downtrodden, not necessarily for any great acts of heroism but for her constant travel; she has very rarely stayed in a place for more than six months, and she always make it a point to stay in the low areas, the slums, and the refugee districts of any given place, mingling with the people there. Something about their situation ultimately attracts her more than the comfort of modern comforts.

She is a 17 year old self-styled refugee, running from God knows what, who never gives out her real name.


The pressures which worked on Regina's subconscious throughout her childhood are pretty common ones: the overbearing mother, the vicious jealousy of a younger sister, and the distant father. There were very few people where she was born and grew up, and even fewer children, so it was really just her and her sister, who came to blindly hate Regina. For all intents and purposes, Regina grew up on her own, which certainly lends itself to her current lifestyle. That being said, it is easy to track some of the traits of Regina's personality, most importantly her willingness to talk to people and to evolve beyond acquaintance, which ought to be understood as a need to do those things. Even during all of her traveling, she was warm to everyone she met, trying her best to make any kind of connection with them, something that would last. That in itself bears a striking contradiction, however.

This is where things get a bit complicated. Everything Regina does seems to stem from the situation with her family, but really that situation is incredibly vague, even to her. There are other things working on Regina, similar to those prodding Victor Ace forward, which drive her every action, word, and thought. Essentially, it is a desperate attempt to "believe in something," and to do anything she can to prove its validity, which gradually devolves into conflict at every turn (again, like Victor.)

On the other hand, that side of things rarely rears its ugly head. In real time, with other people, Regina can be surprisingly expressive. When she disapproves, you will know. When she's so happy she can not stand herself, you will know. Regina also has a hard-biting intellect that makes conversation with her both a rush and a harrowing experience.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Regina is not clean. Under normal circumstances, Regina has a thick layer of grim on skin and clothes, though she has always done her best to protect her hair.


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Powers and Abilities

"White Labyrinth"

During Regina's encounter with Commander Krelian, he took her to a place he described as a "white labyrinth." Regina boasted, "I could escape. I know these kinds of places." It is not known to what extent she is familiar with these mysterious white pockets of space, or whether she can fully interact with them the way the Commander did.

It has become clear, however, that both she and Victor are intimately familiar with the Labyrinth. Between them, it's always the "Universe's dream," and a hostile enemy they must struggle to defeat. It would seem this pocket of space is infested with a horde of shadows that, to Regina and Victor at least, could be considered the Dream's foot soldiers. It's still unclear exactly what the White Labyrinth is, why these two have encountered it, and how it's related to Rosabella.

The Smell

Both Regina and Victor Ace have mentioned the smell of "that place," apparently referencing a place similar to the "White Labyrinth". Victor Ace stated that "nothing available" could erase the smell, which suggests that it is indeed of supernatural origin. Regina also talked about "those things" in reference to the smell.

Weaknesses and Handicaps


This is by far the worst of Regina's pitfalls, at least on a social level. Regina has the frustratingly inexplicable tendency to snap back at people in the middle of a seemingly mild conversation without provocation. It's a symptom of Regina generally withholding certain facets of her personality and experience, making it inevitable that people will unknowingly tread on topics that she is not at all comfortable with. It does not help that there seem to be quite a lot of sensitive topics for Regina, either.


Regina covets her history and the many experiences she has had over the years, as her time as a "refugee" were a time of extreme personal growth and hardship. Although that seven year period, and to a lesser extent everything before that, were important in shaping the person that Regina is today, the chances that she'll ever fully expand on what little is known about her are very slim indeed.

Still, this a vital setback in getting to know Regina. Part of what makes her such an interesting person to those around her is the mystery surrounding her name, and how easy it is to get to know her just by being around her.


Because all Regina wants out of other people are tangible connections, it is not unlike her to be immediately sympathetic to their needs and wants as a means of growing closer to them. Regardless of the damage she receives personally, physically and/or emotionally, she attempts to take as much of the other person's baggage on her shoulders as possible. It's unclear at this point how extremely this trait of hers can manifest (or to what extent she has taken it in the past), but it can be understood through her quick acclimation to Victor Ace's needs that it can in fact be dangerous.


Victor Ace

This is by far one of the most complicated relationships in endsaga. From day one, Regina and Victor Ace have

Both of them have made very similar remarks about their relationship, stating that they are "very similar." There are various factors that they have in common, things which work to shape their personalities on a fundamental level. Not every facet of their dynamic has been explored, though certainly they have all been hinted at.

Matthew Brisker

(Explain their relationship!)

Alphonse Tandem

Janny Doffeulil



  • Regina is bisexual, and lost her virginity to Dolly, a woman she met on Numbara.
  • She knows a lot of stupid stuff about various spacefaring cultures, because she has lived under the roof of several over the years.
  • No matter how she does it, or what she uses, Regina's hair will never completely straighten. Ever.
  • Once, Regina almost signed on to enter The Abyss. Reneged at the last minute - something about frightened her.

Basic Bio

Regina "Ulysses" Arianarc
First Appearance: Post #1
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: Kristen Bell (English)
Shizuka Itō (Japanese)
Name Meaning: Queen
Aliases: Ulysses
Age: 17
D.O.B.: December 19, 2409
Species: Human
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (52.6 kg)
Blood Type: O
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: "Latter Day" Sicilian
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
Occupation: Crew hand on the Kokoro
Victor's comrade-in-arms
Potential heir to the Usurper family
Relatives: Raddam Z (Father), Electra Arianarc (Mother),
Nadia Arianarc (Sister)
Birthplace: Grimoire, Universe's Dip
Residence: Arianarc Estate (former), the Kokoro
Abilities: - Able to see white labyrinth
- Able to smell labyrinth's inhabitants
Weaknesses: - Prone to irritability
- Covets even the smallest personal detail quite jealousy
- Incapable of NOT sympathizing
Weapon: Antique pair of Colt Single Action Army
Theme: Meadows of Heaven - Nightwish

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