Rae Coldir
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Rae Coldir is a fictional character in the roleplay erasure. She is a court sycophant from Isthia and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview

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Rae Coldir has a very strange lifestyle. She surrounds herself with others, feeds on their energy, smarts, and good natures; she has a genuine love of learning, too, and rarely passes up the opportunity to get to know someone, even if they are what most people would rightfully assume are “despicable” or “grotesque”. She never discriminates. Any opportunity for attention, good or bad, is golden for Rae. The truth is, she’s vain and self-serving. There’s good news, though—she is so inherently cheerful and positive that her interest, regardless of how two-faced it is, often appears genuine. And it is, folks. She is disconcertingly honest about herself.

She is quite well read, too—and her time in Isthia’s courts has shaped into her a very sharp-tongued, sometimes roundabout, and poetic young woman, all packed in with her innate positivity.

All in all, she might appear shallow, but don’t rush to hate her. You might be surprised.

Appearance and Physical Traits

You’ll never meet someone as alive as Rae, with so much of her personality—the playful feeding of others, her deadly interest, her bubbly earnestness—shines through in the way she moves; other aspects, her quick-wits and poetic speech, can be seen in her expressions and voice. Though Rae is older than thirty, she looks like a teenager, and often acts like one, too. She exhumes youthfulness, though she does not really shine with it.

Rae is not to prone to tans, and in contrast her hair is a thick, earthy brown color, softer than it appears to be. It’s not very long, either. Her eyes are a striking reddish gold, accented by a natural darkness around her eyes (like the effect of eyeliner); her eyebrows are thick and arched, drawing the focus to her eyes even more. She has thickish lips, and a small, rounded, unobtrusive nose. Really, her face is just eerily expressive, and sweet.

For travel, she dresses rather modestly—weirdly, in this she utilizes practicality over flamboyancy. She chooses earthy tones, generally the natural color of her leather garments, with the straight black of her sleeveless, hooded jacket. All of the clothes are tightly worn, but more as a protective measure against stray branches than anything.


Rae has known of “the Remnant” her entire life. Since her youth, she’s been told he was the man—and Isthia’s Queen often impressed on her the fact of his humanity—who took her parents’ life, and that he’d done something awful to her. It was never implied that the damage was permanent, and as a practical girl she rarely took notice of her parents’ absence; there were plenty of others around, after all, to keep her busy.

When Rae’s parents died—she was very young—the Immortal Queen brought her to live in Isthia’s capital. None of the court’s members really understood, but as par the course no voices were raised in protest; their Queen was old and wise, not to be told what to do. And as the years progressed and Rae matured, the wisdom did show—she was a bright girl, and in Isthia bright girls were put to great use. There’s a freedom for women, you’ll learn, that can only be found in Isthia—largely because of the Queen. Beyond that, life has been relatively easy, in that she has many comforts. Living directly under the Queen’s tutelage, however, did not come without its challenges; she was constantly exposed to an impossibly complex way of thinking, and the Queen often seemed roundabout and vague to her—but, to live under the greatest archer who ever lived did have its advantages.

When the dreams started, they gave her comfortable life in Isthia’s courts an eerie, creeping undertone that had gone a long way toward breaking her down before she left the palace.

Rae’s not completely certain of her reasons for seeking out the Remnant, but regardless of her motivations, she has to go. The Queen told her so.

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Basic Bio

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Rae Coldir
First Appearance: Post #1
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: Tara Strong (English)
Name Meaning: N/A
Aliases: Rae, Rae-Rae
Age: 32
D.O.B.: Celadon 21
Species: Human, elf
Height: 5' 9"
Blood Type: O
Hair: Tree bark brown
Eyes: Reddish green
Ethnicity: Half-Elf
Sun Sign: N/A
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
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