Palandrami Hatth Yral Eicca

Palandrami Hatth Yral Eicca (pɑːlɑːndrɑːmiː hɑːθ irɑːl eɪkɑː) (aka Eicca) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is an intelligence officer for the Federation, and a Palandrami. She is primarily played by StitchyStitchy.

Character Overview


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Powers and Abilities

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Name Pronunciation

"Palandrami Hatth Yral Eicca"

Basic Bio

Palandrami Hatth Yral Eicca
Eicca as she appears currently
First Appearance: Post # ?
Played By: StitchyStitchy
Voiced by:
Name Meaning: Shining Flower of the Hallowed People of Two
Yral = shining, Eicca = flower, Hatth = two, Palandrami = hallowed people
Aliases: Eicca
Age: 53
D.O.B.: December 5th, 2373
Species: Palandrami
Height: 7'2" (~ 7'4" with deemil tentacles) ( cm)
Weight: 238 lbs ( kg)
Blood Type: B
Hair: Bright turquoise
Eyes: Bright turquoise
Skin: Blueish gray
Ethnicity: Hatth Palandrami
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Occupation: Intelligence officer
Citizenship: Federation Citizenship
Relatives: Mother, Father, 2 Elder Brothers
Weapon: Hi-Fre Monomolecular Carbon Longsword Breather Brand JA-48

End Saga
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