The following is a complete list of characters that appear (and, potentially, places, people, and concepts that are mentioned) in the roleplay Overworld: Don't Worry.

These characters are by no means complete, comprehensively represented, or any of that. This is just to keep everybody informed!

Character Sheet



Character List

Sarahl Duo

NAME/AGE: Sarahl Duo/24

(1) Currently, the left side of Sarahl's face is pretty inexpressive (chemistry is dangerous), so he has a very crooked, yet charming, smile.
(2) He has a "Little Black Book" with his last name, DUO, emblazoned on the front. It happens to be an informative, soulful, thorough, and endearing book of licorice recipes.
(3) Sarahl is a sporty fellow; very athletic.
(4) Sarahl possesses sneak and speed in gross abundance.

(1) Sarahl is in the business of disliking things, even those things that he does not necessarily dislike at all. He happens to dislike this quality of his.
(2) Window shoppers, by which he means anyone who takes a gander at his wares.
(3) Women (and men, if he's hit the flask a time or two!) who spurn his spirited advances.

APPEARANCE: Sarahl is a green-haired, fair-skinned, lithe frat boy of a thief-chemist. He's about 6'2". He wears very tight, very short runner's shorts, as well as what would appear to be arctic gear in lieu of a shirt.

JOB: "Thief-chemist." It would appear that he has training in both fields, and that the nickname stuck.

Tor Roda

NAME/AGE: Tor Roda/30

(1.) He talks to himself
(2.) He carries a really large sword that should be impossible to wield
(3.) He can shoot fireballs out of this sword as well as some other elemental magic through his sword
(4.) He likes shiny things

(1.) dirty outhouses
(2.) dead bodies
(3.) getting mud on his designer leather armor

APPEARANCE: He actually kind of short at only 5'6" although the stories about him make him seem taller. Unlike most short people he wears his height as a badge of pride, and sometimes encourages people to call him shorty and other such names. He's rather non-descript otherwise. Brown hair and eyes, slightly weathered complexion. People call him the working man's hero. He wears at all times one of his many designer sets of leather armor, and despises heavy armor. He's been known to say heavier armor just doesn't look right. And of course what you've all been waiting on he carries a 5 and a half foot sword attached to his back at an angle. The sword glows kindly in the sun and functions as a light source at night. Some people call it a great sword, others call it an eyesore, and he calls it his.

JOB: Mystic Knight

Esha Oyarzun

NAME/AGE:: Esha Oyarzun/19


(1) Her glasses are always crooked.
(2) Ink stains.
(3) Sometimes it is difficult to see the girl from behind the tome.
(4) She carries an abacus on her at all times.


(1) Fire.
(2) A dry quill.
(3) Asymmetry.

APPEARANCE: Esha is a pretty typical looking scholar, the green robes, the glasses, the practical boots, the works. Although she refuses to wear the mortor-board; that just makes her look silly. Her brown hair goes down to her shoulders, tied up in pigtails with fringy bangs at her forehead. She does, however, have an exquisite pair of blue-violet eyes, probably her best feature, though she doesn't go in for those frivilous sort of attentions.

JOB: Scholar

Ferinbless Dalaza

NAME/AGE: Ferinbless Dalaza / 25


  1. Laughs at the expense of others, but actually nice?
  2. Almost always smiling… and swaggering.
  3. Constantly broke.
  4. And constantly breaks things. Accidentally.


  1. Cold.
  2. Injustice.
  3. Bureaucrats, politics, and judges.

APPEARANCE: Ferinbless has straight, whispy black hair cropped around her face in the front with short bangs and longer layers around her cheeks, and a thin ponytail that reaches the bottom of her shoulder blades. She has sharp brown eyes and a capricious, almost conniving, smile, and her skin is swarthy. She wears a white wrap turban with a golden ornamental chain around it. An eye-shaped brooch with a blue Chocobo feather sticking from its top is attached to the center of the wrap and the chain. Two large golden discs hang from the chain at around the level of her ears. She wears a cotton tunic with a high collared neck, that reaches to the top of her thighs. Leather belts adorn her person, one across her chest, one around her midsection, with two others hanging from the latter to hold supplies and her saber. She also wears leather fingerless gloves and thigh-high boots, underneath which are pale leggings. Both her gloves and boots have metal gauntlets that act as armor. Lastly, she wears a bright blue cloak with a golden clasp.

JOB: Blue Mage

Ezequay Callon

NAME/AGE: Ezequay Callon / 20


  1. Picks at things.
  2. Hides behind anything and everything.
  3. Writes at least two diary entries everyday.
  4. Eats uncontrollably when he's depressed.


  1. Deep water.
  2. Surprises.
  3. Bullies.

APPEARANCE: Ezequay is an Ivalice Moogle, meaning he is larger and slightly more rabbit-like than other strains of Moogle from the series, and the top of his head comes to about mid-thigh on a human. In his ramshackle quality, Ezequay is dressed to form. He wears a leather cap with goggles, long-sleeve cotton shirt, leather armor vest, a short cloak, mint green breeches, and leather knee boots. A large pack hangs at his side from a long strap, across his chest lies a belt of bullets, and his trusty pistol across his back. He has off-white tannish fur, a golden pom-pom, sandy wings, blue eyes and long ears. Quite shy and fidgety, Ezequay always seems a bit shrunken in on himself and has been immediately judged as cowardly. It's not far from the truth, but he can do what he needs to do to protect the people he cares for.

JOB: Gunner

Geisil Vörös

NAME/AGE: Geisil Vörös / 20


  1. Has long discussions with Chocobo (named Szarka)
  2. Thinks too much for a meathead
  3. Laughs at the worst jokes
  4. Can't decide on the best weapon for himself


  1. Cities
  2. Dead bug carapaces
  3. Velvet (It gives him hives)

Lanky and tanned from a life in the wilds, Geisil wishes he could look as cool as the rugged old Beastmasters he idolized as a child. He is not, instead he gives off the air of a moronic sweetheart. A natural redhead with bright eyes the color of brass, He wears some strange mix of pelts and cloth closer to rags than riches. His hat may or may not have been made of animal skins, since it has ears and a clawed foot attached to it. A worn patchwork leather breastplate adorns his chest, with the claws and feathers of various monsters that wouldn't be tamed hanging as a necklace across it. A cape wraps loosly around his shoulders, a chocobo in glory embossed on the back to give praise to his beloved Szarka. He smells of the strange spice that feathers often carry, though he'll deny any knowledge of it if asked.

JOB: Beast Master

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