Ophelia is a fictional character in the roleplay Erasure. She is played primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.

Character Overview

The first thing one notices about Opheila is that she is mute. Not deaf, mind you, but she cannot speak. In fact, she is never heard to make noise at all. This fact aside, she is considered by many as exotically beautiful and kind, just as she wishes you to. But she is a complex individual with many secrets, and there are few who know the truth of them.


There are two sidess to Ophelia's personality. One, which she holds as her public face, is kind and gentle. The other, and the one that speaks slightly more to her true self is often impatient and demanding. She constantly expects perfection from others and is uncompromising in her desires; rarely being forgiving when people do not live up to her expectations. Additionally, she is certain what she believes is right and can be painfully bull-headed about said beliefs. However, her certainty comes with a dogged determination, one that often leads to her success in whatever she sets forth to do.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Ophelia is striking in appearance, with gently waving brown-black hair with a few streaks of gray, sky blue eyes, pouty lips and red-olive skin. Her figure is a very pleasing hourglass shape and her posture erect.


Ophelia is one of the few people said to have known Elijah back before he lost his mind. That is, if you can believe such times existed. Currently, she resides in the western desert, living in close proximity to a community of desert dwellers who have come to depend on her wisdom to guide them.

Powers and Abilities

Ability 1

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Inability to speak

Very few know why Ophelia cannot speak, for it is sure she once could. At one time there was a legend she lost her voice when her lover betrayed her, but such old rumors are hardly believable nowadays.



  • Ophelia is terrified of birds.

Basic Bio

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