Nir Tojus Olwine

Nir Tojus Olwine (aka Nir, He Who Is As Strong As All Waves) is a fictional character in the roleplay Erasure. He is an elven noble and is played primarily by StitchyStitchy.

Character Overview

Nir is an elf living in the Great Wood of Leath. A superb military strategist and diplomat, Nir is an accomplished member of elven society's upper crust, and a verifiable powerhouse when it comes to magics. He is fairly famous across the land in military and political circles, having served in many battles and won numerous battles for the elven military and its allies. Nir is active in negotiations and military affairs, though the world is mainly at peace. Cool when needs to be, a little high strung on the inside, Nir is a valuable ally in any situation of conflict. He is generally kind and cares for others, which has grown over the years, partially due to a slow-growing dislike of himself. Even though he's helpful and wants the best for others, he is not always very gifted in expressing it. He can be a bit of a know-it-all, and has a naturally proud stature that can often put people off. Though he has come to dislike himself, his heritage, his great power… the knowledge he has garnered over the near four-hundred years he has lived on the earth has not lost its worth in his mind, and he clings to it desperately. Overall, though, Nir is regarded as a dependable, kind, and noble person by most.

Despite his outward actions, all is not calm within the eyes of the well off middle-aged elf. Nir has become dispossessed with his people, though he works hard to hide it. Still he smiles and talks of their history with admiration, continues his social romping, but feels nothing but hollow. Their lack of enthusiasm for the rest of the world has become an apathy in Nir's eyes. He sees many happy with falling on the notion of, despite what the other races do, in the end it has nothing to do with his people. Though the elves were a great part of the development of the modern world, and their armies are great, Nir feels that his people drown themselves in the past and in legacy. His pessimism grows as he himself comes in touch with reality, and all else around him still dance in comfortable and easy dreams. Suddenly, his long elven life, his great powers, seem to have no purpose other than to add to the muddy, spiraling brew that is this world of conflict and wasted life.


To sum Nir into a few words, he is well-meaning, a bit difficult, traveled, a little shy, and ambitious mostly by obligation. Contact with other races in his military and ambassadorial travelings has made him less of a patriotic elf; other races and their lifestyles fascinate him, and one his favorite hobbies is history because of it. Nir secretly dislikes his race and the sort of life he has lived, and seeks the elusive and practically non-existent absolute truths about the past.

Nir tends to worry a lot, and over his years, has obviously become a bit jaded. He feels he is in position to correct others, usually in the form of a grudging "suggestion," and take on a big brother or fatherly role in advocating others on how they should go about things, or not go about them at all. Basically, he can be a horrible know-it-all, who points out the painful and obvious facts of life most others don't dare to say out loud. His less important "observations" are sometimes ignored by those close to him, if only for the sake of ignoring what they already know and would rather, well, ignore. Nir does not really look down on people, he just wants them to realize when they are holding themselves back, because he believes all people are capable of changing in order to attain happiness. And he above all others wants to believe changing yourself will bring forth happiness. When it counts, though, Nir is knowledgeable in both study and street, and a true asset in the end when he's barking out an order, or giving gentle advice. He isn't almost 400 years old for nothing, folks. But, that doesn't mean Nir is never wrong, or capable of helping with every problem. In truth, he at times will find himself falling flat when he tries to give advice about something he knows nothing about. Which he does mainly out a strange feeling obligation to be able to solve every problem. At the end of the day, he is really not very good at connecting with people at all. Nir just wants to help people, and make up for living such a blessed life, and as expected, he has to stumble a little.

Even though he acts like a know-it-all, Nir undermines his magical power and accomplishments in his life. This likely stems from his growing dislike of his own people, and thus by proxy, himself.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Nir is a fine example of an elf at the pinnacle of his prime. Perhaps, he is not the most handsome of the elves, but to any human, he would be just fine. He is tall and lithe and of healthy color, standing at just about six inches over six feet, bearing the blessed body of his race. His back is always held straight with shoulders back, but chin pulled towards his chest; he rarely looks down upon others. Unlike most elves, Nir wears a noble and well-kept cloak of stubble about his lips and chin. Nir's brows are straight, his eyes are often slightly heavy-lidded, of a bright goldish green, and reflect the world around him as watery and eerie images. His lips wave up and down deeply, his nose is of good size for a man and protrudes just so. His hair is a very dark brown, and thick not in the sense that it is a chaotic, crowded forest, but in that it does not let light through its neatly woven and thick branches. It sits in matte, long, layered locks that hug his head, but fly free in the wind. It tapers down between his shoulder blades, waving just slightly. Nir holds a certain severity, a wildness, that emanates from him like a must. This is despite his upbringing and ability to hold himself just like any other well-mannered elf. It is as if he may strike out of painful necessity at any moment.

Nir wears typical elven nobility garb… but prefers his more casual clothing, really. Though it is inevitable he flaunt his social status through the quality of his clothes, Nir keeps it mostly practical. His choice in colors are conservative in elven terms. He chooses to dress in mainly whites and creams, with dusty browns, grays, roses, and greens accenting in darker shades. He wears a long, dark grayish-brown mantle with a dusty rose trim on the inside. It is not very decorated, as it takes the most damage from the elements. Underneath is a sleek and comfortably fit shirt of fine white cotton, with bell sleeves that reach the middle of his forearms. The collar dips slightly in a circular shape, and the shirt reaches down to his upper thigh, where it splits once at the middle and once on each side. Sand-colored embroidery runs along the edges of the sleeves, collar, and hem. The embroidery also reaches down his front, in three rows. He wears dark brown leather gauntlets that run just above his elbows underneath his sleeves. One dark leather belt, embellished with gold edgings, bands his hip loosely, where he stores a water flask and pouches for money and small supplies. His pants are dusty green, with fine stitching at the sides. They tuck into hard leather boots of dark brown that point slightly at the toe, and have rosy colored embellishing along the sides, and lace up. A halberd, his weapon of choice, is always strapped to his back on a belt that loops over his shoulders and cloak. It is nameless and made from elven white steel. As far as jewelry, Nir only wears a long silver string of small, turquoise gems that hangs low and wide over his chest.


Nir was born to the Olwine family, well-known for their potent healing elixirs which they sell to allianced militaries across the world. The Olwine family is one of the wealthiest and elite, and thus, Nir's life was a blessed one, even for an elf. He is the fifth child out of eight, and could easily have sat around all his life in his bed growing sores and been set for life. But, being of such a family, Nir was forced into many high class activities and forging an ambition for an approved career. Extravagant parties, hunting for sport, horse-riding, traditional dance, you name it, Nir had to do it. Really, he didn't mind that much, but was never very enthralled, and socialized in that special way only rich folk can. And since he is one of the youngest in his large family, Nir did not end up a completely spoiled brat. He always excelled in magics, and when he chose the elven military as his career, his power grew exponentially to levels that may have even frightened his supervisors. Nir specializes in magic that manipulates water, barriers, and high level healing magics. He rose in the ranks thanks to this, along with his passion for history, geography and strategy he had maintained all of his life. He is a hard worker before he considers himself a prodigy, and didn't rise in the military thanks to just his status. He has served in wars and is now essentially one of the many acting ambassadors and military theorists his people use to keep things relatively peaceful. Besides his military work, Nir takes part in helping with community projects and threats to the forest.

Powers and Abilities

Water Summoning


Barrier Formation

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Beautiful women










The Fey King

Nir met the Fey King when he was very small in a place that has yet to be disclosed. Nir was a very small child when they met, and does not remember much of what occurred.


As far as Nir knows, he has never met Elijah Roahn until the fateful night in midsummer at the Turnover Festival. He follows him only on the Fey King's order and to return home as soon as possible.


Sohwa Hyla Dareed is Nir's girlfriend and a childhood friend. Though they have been dating for some 15 years, the relationship has stagnated and is currently hanging in a limbo. Though Nir cared deeply for Sohwa when they were adolescents, Sohwa's family moved to Isthia, separating them for more than an age. They were set up to become a couple by their older siblings when Sohwa moved back to Leath, and Nir believed the relationship could be a good one to pursue. However, her severity and neediness, which had been minimal and sometimes cute in her youth, had escalated during the many years she had lived Isthia. Nir cannot bring himself to either end the relationship or pursue it further, because though he wanted the relationship to happen, he does not want to hurt his old friend. Sohwa still loves Nir from their childhood days, but does not understand her intense neediness and foul mood is what is keeping Nir from asking for her hand. His inaction serves to strengthen her need, and thus, the impasse between them grows ever wider.


Faday Madenne Olwine is Nir's second youngest sister, and his favorite sibling. She is 19 years his junior and the two have remained close throughout their lives. Because of their closeness in age, they hold common interests and passions, along with similar political views and beliefs. They are often islands of reassurance for each other in the vast sea of elven pride and high society. Nir has looked over her like a second father, and feels sometimes she is the only woman he will truly love. She is an accomplished practitioner of the healing arts, thanks in part to Nir's loving tutelage, and has inherited the task of creating new lines of healing items and potions in the family business.


  • Nir is left-handed.




Name Pronunciation

"Nir Tojus Olwine"


by Roberto Cacciapaglia
"Between the Shadows"
by Loreena McKennitt
"Between the Shadows" (Live)
by Loreena McKennitt

Basic Bio

Nir Tojus Olwine
First Appearance: Post #
Played By: StitchyStitchy
Voiced by: Peter Murphy (English)
Name Meaning: The just and gentle bearer of warmth.
Nir = just, Tojus = gentle, Ol = warmth, Wine = bearer.
Aliases: "He Who Is As Strong As All Waves"
Age: 380
D.O.B.: Carmine 23rd
Species: Elf
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 230 lbs (95 kg)
Blood Type: A
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Yellow-Green
Ethnicity: Leathian Elf
Sun Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Military Strategist
Hobbies: Violin
Relatives: Father, Mother, 2 Elder Sisters, 2 Elder Brothers,
2 Younger Sisters, 1 Younger Brother
Birthplace: Cesian Plain
Residence: Great Wood of Leath
Abilities: - Water Summoning
- Healing
- Barrier Formation
- Magic Detection
Weaknesses: - Old age
- Easily worried
- Women
Weapon: White Elven Steel Halberd

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