Nerina Lavigne
(character name)

Nerina LaVigne (aka Nerina) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is a renegade and is played primarily by KwysKwys.

Character Overview

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(Taken from her profile on Charmander)

Nerina has always been known as the type of woman that loves her strengths. She doesn’t necessarily “brag” about them but everyone around her knows about her talents. These talents end up leading her into many arguments and debates, which is actually another one of those so-called talents. Nerina is willing to argue about anything to prove her point about something and once she starts, she’s not known for stopping.

Most would say that Nerina has a lot of spunk and loves to show it. When she’s happy about something, she willingly expresses as such. The same goes for when she’s displeased though. Nerina is very open-minded and opinionated about several things and has never been known for shutting her mouth. If she doesn’t like a person, she says so up front and to their face. If this wasn’t bad enough, she makes sure to explain in full detail what she dislikes about them.

If Nerina’s attitude and way of acting wasn’t enough, one must remember her broad mind and urge for discovery. She’s a naturally curious person and will try everything at least once. This is because she naturally craves a mix of adventure, danger, and suspense. Nerina is willing to throw herself into any kind of situation, even if the odds don’t appear to be in her favor. Thankfully for her though, her ego and mounds of intelligence always seem to turn things over for her benefit. If it isn’t her cunning skills that work her way out of horrible situations, her ability to play mind games does.

Overall, Nerina is the type of person that you have to learn to love. Once she’s an ally, she is one of the most loyal and dedicated friends a person could ever have. She’s trusting, caring, and open to anyone and for any reason. Enemies don’t get the same kind of treatment though and there are plenty of people out there who are plastered on Nerina’s list. Any enemy of an ally is an enemy of hers and anyone who dares to question her and her ways makes it on there as well. It’s not like Nerina isn’t willing to come to a compromise though… if someone really wants to be forgiven, they’ll get on their hands and knees and beg for forgiveness.

…But sadly, Nerina isn’t a sucker for the sad, whining type.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Physical Traits

(Once again, taken from the Charmander profile)

Nerina’s appearance is one that is highly admired by most, whether they are female or male. She has a rather slender body, standing at 5’10’’ but has curves in just the right places. She looks younger for her age and most assume that she’s still in her mid twenties. Beside her curves, she also has a younger looking face. This oval-shaped face of hers easily compliments her tinier mouth but her fuller sized lips. Her nose is rather slender, having a little point to it and her face is full and luscious, keeping young on her side.

One of Nerina’s best features is her hair. She puts a lot of care into it due to its extreme thickness. Although it’s thick, her dark violet hair is very manageable and it dangles down to her lower back. Unlike most girls that have problems keeping their hair straight, Nerina’s hair is never anything but straight but this might be do its outrageous length. For this reason, Nerina’s hair is always up in a ponytail (with a pair of chopsticks going through the tie as well, for a bit of class).

Another one of Nerina’s unique features is her eyes. These eyes are a very unique shade of turquoise that reminds most people of those ocean waves (those who have seen an ocean that is). However, ever since she could remember, she’s needed corrective lenses for these eyes of hers. Instead of getting surgery, Nerina chooses to wear her same old pair of midnight blue angular glasses. It’s obvious that these glasses are a bit worn and have seen their share of damage but Nerina sticks with them anyway.

Appearance (Clothing, etc)

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Powers and Abilities

Magnetic Charge

Nerina's mechanical arm has the ability to expel different degrees of magnetic charge. She can either bring metal to her or she can make her entire body hold a magnetic charge. This helps her take metal weapons away from enemies and cling to metal surfaces. Strangely, Nerina can touch anything and pass this magnetic charge onto the item as well. She can use this technique to bring other people or things onto metal surfaces. She finds this ability relaxing because she can sit on the ceiling and drink her glass of brandy or champagne in peace.


Nerina has been trained in a few areas of ninjutsu. She has a couple varying shurikens she throws at her enemies and also a few kunai to stab her enemies. She specializes in Shurikenjutsu (throwing shurikens) and Shinobi-iri (stealth tactics and entering). Obviously, Nerina has been excellent at Chōhō (spying/sabotage) for a long time now, having perfected this skill before learning the ways of ninjutsu.


As scary as it sounds, Nerina has applied her intelligence to specific mechanics. Because most mechanics and engineering is dirty (see weaknesses), she chooses to fiddle around with weapons. She is able to upgrade most weapons with new attachments, ranges, and more. Her double plasma rifle was her first custom-made weapon and it has been her favorite ever since.


Nerina's greatest ability lies within her intelligence. She is advanced in every subject and is able to calculate complex mathematics in her head. Also, she is fluent in most languages or can teach herself a language in the matter of weeks (days if she applies herself enough). Nerina doesn't have a favorite subject but she claims her intelligence comes from her love for discovery. She has read thousands of books in her life and is open to any new subject.

Over the last three years, Nerina claims that her intelligence has broadened drastically due to her travels through space. Her experiences in the universe increased her intelligence like never before. Joseph Krelian claims that he's never met a wiser person — not because of her book smarts but due to her intelligence acquired from space terrain.

Weaknesses and Handicaps


As silly as it sounds, Nerina has always hated getting dirty. She showers at least twice a day and will rush to the sink when she's forced to touch something/someone that is covered in filth or "disgusting" in her opinion. She refers to herself as being Automysophobia, which is the fear of being dirty. She hates it when people confuse her fear with someone who has Misophobia, which is the fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs.

Either way, Nerina can't stand the sight of apparent filth. She will either go out of her way to clean the problem or will run away from it at high speeds.


Over the years, Nerina has only grown attached to a few people but it's those people that she continues to fight for. Once Nerina is one of your allies, she won't give up on you, even if it means sacrificing her life. Her sympathy for others has always driven her to go above and beyond her call of duty. She tries to act tough but when it comes to those she's grown attached to, there's only warmth in her heart.


Depending on the person, their motivation and drive can help them accomplish great things. Nerina's drive has actually hurt her a lot more then it has benefited her. There are times that she's just too motivated to succeed and too dedicated to her duties. Her duties and responsibilities have pushed her near breaking point too many times. When she's given a task to do, she always gives it her all but this drive of hers is crushing.



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Joseph Krelian

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Randall Krelian



  • Nerina had surgery to replace parts of her body that were either removed or broken beyond repair:
  • Four fingers on her left hand, left foot, right hip and right arm
  • Two of Nerina's throwing shurikens are actually the chopsticks she keeps in her hair. She throws them at pressure points on an enemies neck and punctures them.

Basic Bio

Nerina LaVigne
First Appearance: Post # (post # character is first introduced)
Played By: KwysKwys
Voiced by: Claudia Black ((English))
Name Meaning: Deciding Warrior
Aliases: Nerina
Age: 35
D.O.B.: October 30, 2392
Species: Human
Height: 5'10'' ( cm)
Weight: 155 pounds ( kg)
Blood Type: A
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Turquoise
Ethnicity: Unknown
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Occupation: Renegade
Hobbies: - Reading
- Fiddling with metal weapons
- Traveling through the universe
- Spying
- Arguing
- "Spending time" with worthy males
Relatives: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Residence: Everywhere
Abilities: - Upgrading metal weaponry
- Walking/crawling/sitting on metal ceilings and walls
- Ninjutsu
- Intelligence
- Making out of this world, convincing speeches
Weaknesses: - Anyone being taken advantage of
- Metal-free zones
- Losing
- Getting dirty
- Running out of brandy
Weapon: - Double plasma rifle (custom made)
- A wide variety of ninja weaponry
Theme: Sound of Madness by Shinedown
If You Only Knew by Shinedown

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