One of Earth's closest neighbors, Mars was one of the first planets to be terraformed in the Sol System Colonization Mission. As a result, it was also one of the first planets to be populated with humans. This would lead to an enormous difference in wealth between it and the other planets, with the exception of Venus which was even closer to Earth.

While Venus became a tourist trap for the extravagantly rich and the seat of mercantile power in the system, the pioneers who colonized Mars chose an extreme isolationist path, developing a massively powerful defense force. They were concerned that humanity would be unable to maintain the harmony seen in the Space Colonies once the populous had spread out to other planets. This, they feared, would eventually lead to war.


Originally, Mars was a populist democracy and all decisions went to committee for debate before votes were held. Unfortunately, this resulted in serious inefficiency, slow progress and tyranny by majority. It was decided that a new system needed to be put in place. The territories of Mars would be divided up and each territory would hold an election for governing authority.

These would become the Great Houses of Mars, with succession of power going to the first children born on Martian soil. These children would be raised in a privileged life and given the best of educations in order to govern properly. They would have absolute sovereignty within their territory, and all planetary decisions would go to the Council of Houses for a 2/3rds majority vote.

The Houses were made up of several closely related Families, each given different and equally important duties to the territory. House Leadership would rotate through the families on an annual basis, meaning that no one could make long-term agendas without first gaining the cooperation of the rest of the Families.

Eventually, even this failed to prevent discord, as allegations of corruption and bribery were rampant. Finally it was decided that since the territories themselves were basically monarchies, a leader could be chosen to make planet-wide decisions, with impeachment power vested in the Houses.

This High King would be given his own House and territory, carved from an equal acreage of all the others and made the capitol. This was the beginning of House Peregrine, and throughout its history not once was even the suggestion of impeachment ever made. Unlike the other Houses, there was only one Family in House Peregrine, as it was believed that dividing the duties of government would weaken the King's authority.

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