(character name)

(character name) (aka (insert nickname or alias or whatever here if your character has one or is primarily referred to by this)) is a fictional character in the roleplay insert roleplay name here. S/he is (insert basic occupation/info) and is played primarily by User (your username) can not be found..

Character Overview

(Type up some basic information about your character. Things that are obvious if you spend a minimal amount of time with the character, their age, occupation, where they come from, live, etc. Basic personality traits and how people interact with the character generally, small things about their personal life. Hobbies, movies, music, whatever you think is relevant and a good, round, and sort of short summary of the character. If you want an example, check out Alphonse Tandem.)


(This should be fairly straightforward. Give a detailed description of the character's personality, and what factors might have affected their personality growing up. Be careful to not let this turn into a biography; save that for the Background section.)

Appearance and Physical Traits

(Straightforward again. Simply describe your character with as much detail as possible. Descriptions of their face (nose, eyes, lips, brows, jawline, etc), their body type, stature, attitude, style of dress, are all important.)


(This is the huge and foreboding part of the article. Basically, write your character's history. Include anything that has been revealed, and keep secret what you haven't yet said in the roleplay. Be sure to add new stuff as we go along.)

Powers and Abilities

(Describe their powers and abilities here. If they have any.)

Ability 1


Ability 2

(Description! Just add another ++ Ability name under this to add even more abilities.)

Weaknesses and Handicaps

(Straightforward. Weaknesses and handicaps make a good character, so don't neglect it. This stuff can be any physical or mental handicap.)

Weakness 1


Weakness 2



(This section is to describe your character's relationship to other characters. Just list whatever characters you feel you need to include.)

Character 1

(Explain their relationship!)

Character 2

(Explain their relationship!)


(This section is basically a fun little place to fit anything you couldn't put into the article. Pretty much, fun facts that might or might not ever be revealed, or stuff you just want everyone to be aware of? Lol.)

  • Fun fact 1!
  • Fun fact 2!

Basic Bio

(This section is the basic profile. Once I figure out how to make this stinking table "float" correctly so that it can be placed on the side anywhere in the article, with text wrapping around it (don't worry if you didn't understand what the hell I just said,) this basic profile is going to sit here at the bottom of the article. This is mainly just a good, quick reference on a character. You can look at it and find, say, their birthday, without having to look through the whole article. The basic bio is a small "table," and if you want to start a new line
Then you will have to add _ to the end of a line. So, for example:

Will generate this in the table


First Appearance: Post # (post # character is first introduced)
Played By: User (yourusername) can not be found.
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Name Meaning: (character's name meaning)
Aliases: Krissy wissy whistle
Age: (character's age)
D.O.B.: (birthdate)
Species: (character's species.)
Height: (character's height in feet/inches, and cm in parenthesis)
Weight: (character's weight in lbs, and kg in parenthesis)
Blood Type: (character's blood type)
Hair: (character's hair color)
Eyes: (character's eye color)
Ethnicity: (character's ethnicity)
Sun Sign: (character's Zodiac sign)
Chinese Zodiac: (character's Chinese zodiac sign)
Occupation: (character's job)
Hobbies: (character's hobbies)
Relatives: (character's relatives)
Birthplace: (character's birthplace)
Residence: (character's home)
Abilities: (list character's abilities)
Weaknesses: (list character's weaknesses)
Weapon: (list weapons the character owns)
Theme: (YouTube link character theme songs)

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