Krielle Ovrita

Krielle Ovrita (aka Krielle) is a fictional character in the roleplay Erasure. She is played primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.

Character Overview

Most of what there is to know about Krielle is a mystery. She keeps herself to herself, as they say. She has no friends to speak of and is regarded by those who know her with anything from an uneasy respect to mild dislike. She makes no effort to please or placate others, and is strictly absorbed in herself and her desires.


Krielle, though small, commands a lot of presence. She is blunt and to the point, and while she is not necessarily quiet she is not a chatterbox, either. In sum she says what she needs or wants to say and gets on with it. Serious to a fault, she possesses no sense of humour, and tends to put people off by appearing unfriendly, which is more or less true. This is not to say she is mean-though she can easily be perceived as such-but instead supremely focused; she has no concern for those things which stand in the way of her goals.

Appearance and Physical Traits

There is some kind of beauty hidden in Krielle’s face, but it pale’s next to the strange, uneasy feeling others seem to get when looking at her. There is something very off in the way she looks and the way she moves, easily, but stiffly. Her face is oval and her build petite; she stands at 5’6” and has small, delicate looking hands. Her hair, red and straight, worn down and parted so to disguise her left eye, sweeps her shoulders. Her visible left eye is a spring green—almost yellow in the right light. All told, she appears human, were it not for the presence of elfin ears.

Krielle’s clothing is light and practical, but shows very little skin. She has a strange obsessesion with keeping as much skin covered as possible and it would do you well not to ask her about it. She wears a long sleeve, green linen tunic with brown pants which are tucked into deerskin boots. Her hands are always gloved in soft worn leather and there are cloth wrappings around her neck and covering her right eye. These wrappings always appear fresh and clean though she is never seen changing or washing them. She carries a quiver of arrows and a bow made of bodark wood as her main weapon, but also keeps a dagger secured in a sheath at the small of her back.


No one knows where Krielle comes from since she never, ever talks about her past. Her face is known to very few since she is always on the move. Indeed, it is as if she was born wandering. All that is known is she has been searching for Elijah for a very long time, though there is not even consensus at to why.

Powers and Abilities

There is little at first glance in the way of abilities possessed by Krielle with the exception of archery. Even so, she uses this sparingly, mostly for hunting or for defense. Though she possesses a dagger, she is not supremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Suffice it to say she can take care of herself well enough.


Due to countless years of practice Krielle has a razor sharp aim and rarely misses anything she shoots at. Not only is she a first-rate shot, she also possesses skill as a fletcher and flint knapper; she often constructs new arrows in her down time so as to keep a fresh supply, especially considering the difficulty of procuring iron ones on a regular basis. Most of her tools are kept in a compartment at the base of her quiver, though she also has a pouch on her belt filled with pieces of chert which she uses for arrowheads.

Survival Skills

Krielle is amazingly adept at wilderness survival. Not only is she capable of creating her own arrows, she can also skin animals and tan their hides, make pemmican (a type of jerkey make from pounded dried meat, fat and berries), trap and track, among several other skills.

Weaknesses and Handicaps

One thing about Krielle that is fairly noticable early on is she refuses to rely on others. She is strictly a "keep yourself to yourself" kind of person and insists on doing everything on her own. Aside from this emotional weakness, she seems to be somewhat uneven on her feet, though she moves well she also seems unnatural.

Inability to work well in groups

Krielle does not like to be in a situation where she has to compromise with others. She wants to do things her way, and tends to be very grudging when relenting to others. She has little patience for slackers or those who can't keep up and while she will not ridicule those she disapproves of she will not make it easy for them to succeed.

Awkward Stance

This is more of a perceived weakness than an actual one. Though not immediately obvious, Krielle stands in a way that would be awkward to most people. It is often surprising, therefore, that she moves so easily for one appearing to have physical disadvantage. One can infer from watching her that she has had this physical oddity long enough to have adjusted to living with it.


"The Remnant"- Elijah Rohan

Krielle has known Elijah for a long time; long enough, in fact, to see the change in him. She still believes the goodness in his humanity exists within him and that he can be saved, though it may often seem like an impossible idea.

Nir Olwine

Krielle often makes decisions counterintuitive to Nir's instincts. Though he tries to offer reason and experience, she has yet to heed his advice, making their relationship frustrating.

Rae Coldir


Interactions with Saedin have been brief and few, consisting of Krielle giving Saedin a request/command and him begrudgingly giving in. Though he has swallowed his pride so far, there is no telling how long he will do so.

Elamin Farwalker

So far, the one interaction Krielle has had with Elamin has been relatively combative, her giving an order to someone who is not accustomed to being told what to do.

Tornax Bonehakka

Tornax has almost become a pet to Krielle. She knows how to get his attention, and get him to follow the group. He has yet to listen to any of the other party members, though he would certainly not admit to following the woman's commands. That is, if you could get him to think concretely about the situation in the first place.

Bone Reaper


Relis is the member of the party who has made the greatest effort to reach out to Krielle. He actively seeks her out, attempts to talk to her and generally figure her out. So far she has tolerated his attempts, though she has yet to give him any granules of information to quell his curiosity.

Natessa Shyron

The only interaction Krielle has had with Natessa has been brisk and quite frightening to the poor girl. It is unlikely this type of interaction will change any time soon.


*Krielle cannot do any tricks with her mouth: whistling, clicking or rolling her tongue.

Basic Bio

Krielle Ovrita
First Appearance: Post # 3
Played By: JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Aliases: The Maleficence
Age: young, which is to say, not old
D.O.B.: unknown
Species: human
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124lbs
Blood Type: AB+
Hair: red
Eyes: green-gold
Ethnicity: unknown
Sun Sign: unknown
Chinese Zodiac: unknown
Occupation: wanderer
Hobbies: flint knapping
Relatives: unknown
Birthplace: unknown
Residence: none
Abilities: Archery
Outdoor Survival
Weaknesses: Poor team player
Awkward stance
Weapon: bow and arrow, dagger
Theme: Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos
Fallen by Delerium

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