The Kokoro
The Kokoro

The Kokoro is a freighter class ship, captained by Victor Ace.


(When and how it was built, where it's from, where it's been, what it has done, etc.)


Captain: Victor Ace

First Mate: Alphonse Tandem

Head Engineer: Rupert Lodess

Navigator: Greco Doffeulil

Informational Officer: Janny Doffeulil

Chief Lighter Engineer: Reese Mathers

Chief Medic:


(Measurements, weapons, what the ship is mostly made from, etc. Here is an example table that can be greatly expanded and specified. It's basically the "profile" of the ship. This also where you describe what the ship looks like, inside and out.)

The Kokoro
The Kokoro
Insignia of the Kokoro
First Appearance: Post # 1
Class and Type: _ Class Freighter
Registration: (Where it is registered, licenses, etc.)
Commissioned: (Year it was brought into use)
Homeport: (Where it was first launched)
Namesake: "Heart," "Soul," or "Mind" in Japanese. (Alternate meanings.)
General Characteristics
Length: 112 m (367 ft)
Height: 32-40 m (105-131 ft)
Beam: 42-56 m (138-184 ft)
Displacement: (Load capacity. How much weight it can carry.)
Complement: - 62 Crew
- 16 Passengers
- 78 Total
Speed: Engine: [_]
Warp: [_]
Propulsion: (Engine type)
Armament: (Weapons)
Systems: (AI, computer systems, sensors, other stuff that runs the ship besides the engine.)

End Saga
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