Isabelle Kant

Isabelle Kant (aka Izzy) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is a resident of the Spotlight of Peace and a philosopher-warrior, and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview

Isabelle is an intellectual and proud of it. She has been called nitpicky for her tendency to analyze, second guess, and question the deeper meaning behind everything she comes across. However, she does this not out of strictness, but simply because of the joy and thrill of thought. She is a bit self-righteous, however, as she feels satisfied enough in the things she believes in so as to accept them with only minimal scrutiny, and even then, a quick restatement of her own arguments is enough to reconvince her. She is obsessed with ancient philosophy, and often refers to it in her decision making; one could almost call philosophy her lifestyle. She is firmly committed to rules, order, and logic, but sometimes makes exceptions (albeit convoluted ones) that work in her favor. The world as she sees it fits nicely into her own mental framework, yet she is hard to surprise, because she can generate an excuse or explanation that she will accept for anything.

[Will dice this into abilities/weaknesses soon.]

Isabelle is, you guessed it, very intelligent and logical, especially when thinking abstractly. Ironically, she is good at understanding multiple arguments and points of view (except when dealing with criticism), so is useful when making strategies of any kind. She is a thinker. She is also the only person capable of piloting her small combat walker robot, Kyon. Kyon is far from a giant mech, spanning only about 12x6x3 feet. It was redesigned from the smallest model of a certain mass produced mining robot, usually utilized by private companies to extract resources from high pressure/heat areas. Kyon has very sophisticated armor due to his history as an intense environment miner, able to withstand a considerable amount of force, including weaponry on most small spacecraft. His arms can carry significant weight, as they were designed to carry high density ores, at least 20 tons, and as such can deliver powerful blows, which is his main form of combat. He has several tools that were once used for mining such as lasers and drills that have been modified and upgraded, but otherwise carries no armament. Basic thrusters enable Kyon to fly in most atmospheres and in space for several hours, but not incredibly quickly or gracefully (Isabelle is looking to upgrade this feature). She has been piloting Kyon since she was a child, so she is not only very comfortable with all of his basic and advanced functioning, but has had time to get somewhat creative with it, and is thus an accomplished pilot of this one of a kind mech.


Isabelle tends to be very serious and sometimes impersonal, yet somehow sociable. She has a somewhat jaded, skeptical sense of humor. She can be a hypocrite at times, contradicting herself in a small way in order to preserve the greater sense of order that she craves. Much to her dismay, however, her emotions can be quite strong at times. Because she sees it as one of her greatest missions to suppress them, and wouldn't know what to do with them even if it wasn't, this usually translates as frustration, confusion, or a terrible brooding. She likes getting her way and can get very into her own ideas.

Unbeknownst to her, her true commitment to her morals is not the logic with which she has worked them out, but the powerful faith that she has in it all, a faith stronger than any intellect could comprehend.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Her outfits tend to be on the formal side, usually dresses and skirts, but nothing very wide or frilly or extravagant, most of her clothes fit snugly, and are usually solid, dark, powerful colors. This is when she's in the world of academia, at any rate. When she pilots her mining robot, she wears the same outdated and unsafe mining uniform that all the other miners on Tellius wear.


Isabelle was born and raised on a large mining planet in the realm of the God-King, Tellius. Ruled over by a powerful military dictator, it exports rare and valuable metals to nearby planets, and is also known for producing high-quality fuel. Most of Tellius's people are forced to work in the mines, which extend from the crust of the planet all the way to its core, with the use of high-intensity mining mechs. With the lawlessness of the God-King's territory, things have been this way on Tellius for as long as anyone can remember. The stability of its dictator is due more to complacency and tradition than to overwhelming force.

Isabelle's family was one of many mining families, and they had been for generations. However, after years of hard work and saving what little money they earned, her parents were able to afford to send Isabelle to school, and she started at a normal age. Most of the other students were part of the military elite, and Isabelle still had to continue mining despite being a student, so she never really felt as though she fit in. That scarcely mattered after a while, though, because learning itself was so engrossing for her that she stopped noticing the ridicule after a while. Isabelle turned out to be quite gifted, but was unable to get into the top programs due to her social status and lack of money. But she was able to get underground access to very difficult literature from throughout history (details will come in later posts) and soon built up an impressive knowledge, albeit on very archaic and abstract topics, especially philosophy. She took with it all of the pride of an intellectual, and soon found herself feeling above the rich generals' children, possessing knowledge of morality and justice and epistemology.

As Isabelle grew older, she managed to finally gain access to the most prestigious libraries on Tellius, all the while continuing her work as a miner. But as her knowledge grew, so did her questions. She saw inconsistencies and contradictions between all the philosophers and their beliefs. She decided one day that either all of their work was incomplete, or there were simply texts she had yet to find. And she also wondered, after reading about all these ideals of justice and freedom and of governments with laws and order, why Tellius had to be governed with the system that it had. It was inevitable that her academic interests and this seed of rebellion in her heart would get her mixed up with like-minded people…

Powers and Abilities

Weaknesses and Handicaps


Nerina LaVigne

Kaide Brisker


Victor Ace







Basic Bio

Isabelle Kant
First Appearance: Post # 88
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: Aya Hirano (Japanese)
Name Meaning: Brilliant and Consecrated to God
Aliases: Izzy
Age: 20
Species: Human
Height: 5' 8" (172 cm)
Weight: 138 lb (63 kg)
Blood Type: A -
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Caramel
Ethnicity: Japanese/German
Sun Sign:
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
Occupation: - Student
Birthplace: Tellis, The Spotlight_
Residence: The Kokoro
Weapon: Kyon!

End Saga
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