Well, this is going to be under construction for a long time. As questions accumulate at the help desk, I will slowly add more sections to this. Alright, completely lost as to how to type up articles on the wiki? First and foremost, read the the Wiki Syntax article first. This has many basics for beginners, and can answer lots of questions you might have. Seriously, just use CRTL + F or the table of contents. Second, check out the Wikidot Community Portal, and search for any questions you have.

In-Wiki Links

These are links that go to articles within our wiki. These links are always surrounded by three brackets ( [[[ ) on each side.

[[[Shervian MacArthur]]]

Generates: Shervian MacArthur

Now, let's say you don't want to have Shervian's full name show up, such as if you were to be talking about her in an article. Seeing her first and last name will appear redundant and hurt the writing, so you might want a link to look like this: Shervian, but still link to the article Shervian MacArthur.

[[[Shervian MacArthur|Shervian]]]

Generates: Shervian

First, you type up the name of the article you want to link, then add |, and then type what you want the link appear as in the article. You could technically do this as well.

[[[Shervian MacArthur|That CNC bitch]]]

Generates: That CNC bitch

Inter Wiki Links

Want to link to a Wikipedia article? Simple.


Generates: Cannon

If the wiki article has a space in it, however, you must replace the spaces with underscores ( _ ). For example, you have to type this:

[wikipedia:Blue_bird Blue bird]

Generates: Blue bird
Basically, you type in the article name (Blue_bird,) add a space, and then type what you want the link to appear as in the article.


Headings are basically sections of an article. When you make a heading, it will also automatically link to the Table of Contents as well.

+ Heading 1
++ Heading 2
+++ Heading 3
++++ Heading 4


Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Add more + to make subsections in a section. Such as:

+ Relationships
++ Rosabella
++ Samuun





Table of contents

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