Hannah Schell

Hannah Schell is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is the only living Matrice, a human fused with artificial intelligence, and is played primarily by SephithSephith.

Character Overview

Hannah is a bit of a punk, and for the most part, this works in her favor. She has a rather advanced (read: cynical) take on life and morality and people, but despite this approaches situations, new or old (and all of them hostile, she is sure), in various and distinct ways - most usually with a whip crack of a smile and a healthy dose of sarcasm. All you can do, she has come to believe, is fight through the burn of shame; thanks in large part to Connie and Finn, the fight is generally waged with tiny glimmers of positivity, when she can find some. This is not the brightest girl or the prettiest girl or the girl with all of the answers or the right feelings, but she has a valid angle on most things she encounters, the sharp tongue to keep herself self and on level ground with her so-called intellectual superiors and the street smarts to understand danger, and she is an expert in observing and assessing behavior and patterns of thought, a thing you can learn best in hostile environments. She is not without her demons, and they are not distant and chiming; rather, the darkness in her rears its head often and in as many ways as she fights to keep it down. Life has not been fair to her; people are selfish, and she more than the rest; she fears she has only caused trouble for her caretakers and intruded and trampled on what was probably a damnably pristine life by simply existing, and ironically sometimes takes this out on them; her sharp tongue is always getting her trouble. This streak of bitterness is actually very rampant in her; always present in her speech and mannerisms, but colored in with sarcasm or respect or anger or affection or good natured jokes.

There are plenty of reasons for Hannah's punk angle, but there's one that matters more than most: her station as a bona fide, grade A, one hundred percent Matrice. In lay terms, she is told, this means she's a walking, talking, breathing seventh generation computational device right out of humanity's more recent history, a human intelligence given the broadcasting range, network capabilities, connectivity, memory, storage, and interface specs of a next generation artificial intelligence. This is gibberish to Hannah most of the time, but it has had severe implications for her existence as a human being - less abstract than the trappings of philosophy (she hasn't had time to wonder if she even is human anymore, for instance) and more to the tune of who owns her, who controls her, who she answers to. This is not a question Hannah is unfamiliar with, of course; it's been the most definitive characteristic of her short life to this point to wonder whose hands are strangling the life out of her now. It is true that she understands more of her capabilities as a Matrice than she lets on - she is constantly called on to perform duties or assist the //The Pacific's// shipsystems, and she would have to be pretty dense not to pick up a few things here and there - but as a rule she tries not to think about what she can do or what she is. And there are benefits to this relatively new facet of her life - for stealing the few remnants of her humanity, the Federation granted her a pair of wonderful guardians who have loved her like no one before them has.


Appearance and Physical Traits

Hannah owes the more spectacular aspects of her appearance to the Matrice in her. Much like the Doffeulil twins - Janny and Greco, who went through a process very much like the one she did - Hannah has hair and eye pigments, or perhaps a lack of pigments. As the processes went on, she had different heads of hair that got progressively lighter; after the final step, her hair was snow white, and her eyes like garnets. Not much else changed about her physically, though, at least not as a result of becoming a Matrice - although she is quite sure that her skin, hair, and teeth are a bit healthier since the change, which is a strange but not unwelcome side effect.


Powers and Abilities

Matrice (Computations)

Art + Guitar



Weaknesses and Handicaps



Temper, Temper




Mia + Scotch

The Kingship

Janny and Greco


  • Hannah started work as a busker at 14. Much has changed since then, but she's still got it!






Basic Bio

Hannah Schell
First Appearance: Post # ?
Played By: SephithSephith
Voiced by: Jessica Chobot (English)
Name Meaning: Graceful Spring
Aliases: Matrice, Ms. Schell, sis
Age: 17
D.O.B.: April 4, 2410
Species: Human/machine
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)
Weight: 130 lb (59 kg)
Blood Type: O -
Hair: White
Eyes: Red wine
Ethnicity: Swedish/German
Sun Sign:
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
Occupation: - Intelligence program
- 'Net leech
Hobbies: - Busking
Relatives: - Connie
- Finn
Birthplace: Metropolis, Federation
Residence: - Connie & Finn's place
- The Pacific
Abilities: - Matrice (Computations)
- Art + Guitar
- Charismatic
- Courage
Weaknesses: - Unhappy
- Emphatic
- Temper, Temper

End Saga
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