Goo is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. He is Tau's pet and is played primarily by The JenThe Jen.


Goo is exceptionally friendly and curious, with odd habits and behaviors. He particularly enjoys the attention of females, perhaps because he has spent so much time with Tau. Although normally calm and mild mannered he tends to throw a tantrum when he doesn't get his way.

Appearance and Physical Traits

A bright green octopus-like creature with twelve tentacles and a cartoonishly expressive singular eye, despite his name he is not at all slimy.


Goo is a rather mysterious creature that hatched seemingly at random from a strange egg Tau's parents left her. He has been her constant companion and only real friend ever since then. Goo seems to have imprinted on Tau and considers her his mother.

Powers and Abilities


Goo is able to hover about four feet off the ground, though he can go a bit higher.

No need for food!

Goo does not seem to eat or drink, nor does he appear to breathe. Tau claims this is because he subsists entirely off of emotions absorbed from others.

Weaknesses and Handicaps


Goo's speaking ability is limited to only a few sounds.



Tau is Goo's best friend and surrogate mother, he is very protective of her and extremely sensitive to her mood swings.

Elrick Peregrine

Goo tends to ignore Elrick most of the time.


  • Belle claims that Goo cheats at the dance machine.
  • Goo hates hats.
First Appearance: Post # 3
Played By: The JenThe Jen
Species: Unknown
Height: 8" from base of tentacles to top of head
Weight: Approximately 4-5 lbs.
Blood Type: None
Hair: None
Eye Color: Dark green
Occupation: Pet
Hobbies: Dancing
Birthplace: //Battleship Ultima Esperanza
Residence: Same
Weapon: Suction cups??
Theme: N/A

End Saga
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