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Geanian is a fictional character in the roleplay At War. S/he is played primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.

Character Overview

Geanian is something mothers whisper about to their children to make them behave. She is a primordial being. As old as time itself, she was born from the dark thoughts and fears of people. Some might say she is older than the Great Wryms, but there is no way of knowing that for certain. Who can say when the first dark thought entered the world? She is not merely a human creation, but a manifestation of all peoples, for in a world filled with magic the barest thoughts can become reality. She is a shadow on the path or the pair of eyes you know is watching you from afar. If she enters the world of people for any reason she stays only long enough to procure what she desires. She never remains long enough to be known by anyone. Not that she’d let them live if they did find out, anyway.


It is difficult to describe the true personality of a being that can be whatever it wants. Most noted of Geanian is a strange low, whispery voice and a tilted gaze. She has a ravenous appetite and feeds on flesh; mostly of humans as they tend to be very slow witted but has been known to savor so called “higher beings”. She loves the taste and smell of blood, though what truly sates her; what she needs to live are souls. She only devours what she kills with her own hands and detests the idea of scavenging. She would rather starve. Luckily, she never has to.

If you were to catch a glimpse of Geanian while she’s feeding, you might think she is some worthless minor demon that can be vanquished by any part time slayer. You would be wrong. She is a being born of fear and that fear along with her hunger is what drives her. She typically thinks of little else but satisfying her desires; but can scheme and calculate if she needs to in order to trap prey. It’s a one-track mind, but a sharp one-track mind. She makes allegiances only if it will help her get what she wants and if the price is not too high for her. Mostly, however, she is her own best friend. She is also a sexual creature and will satisfy her lusts on any unwitting man or woman who lets her. She usually eats them when she’s through.

Though she acts as a parasite in the world, Geanian is accutely aware of her need for the living. As she was created from people, without them she would cease to exist. This possibility is her nightmare. As such were there to be a threat against the living severe enough to endanger her own existence it is highly probable she would fight against it.

One thing you must beware of above all other things with Geanian is her smile. You don’t ever want to see her smile. It means something horrible is about to happen. Happen to you.

Appearance and Physical Traits

A being of a thousand faces, Geanian’s true shape is unknown as she only reverts to it in the darkest recesses of the earth. She can be anything at any time to any one, as suits her pleasure. People may call her a changeling, or doppelgänger, but she is neither of these. We say “her” but there is no certainty of what her sex is, if indeed she is truly male or female. She takes on the body of men and women, and shows no particular preference for either. Most often, however, Geanian takes the shape of a child approximately 11 to 12 years of age with completely black eyes, inky black hair with an odd purpleish tint that flows down to the ground, and ghostly white skin. This is why most people consider her female when they see her though it has yet to be determined what the child’s sex actually is. In this form she is very tiny and rail thin, but also has a disturbing set of razor sharp teeth and wickedly pointed nails.


There are many kinds of peoples in the world, each of them with their own fears, sorrows, and wickedness. These are things they will not show to the outside world—they lock them up inside the deepest reaches of their souls. But because the world is that of magic, doing so creates danger. In any place where magic accumulates, so can these dark feelings. This is the origin of Geanian.


Her most noted skill would be her ability to change shape. It is not difficult or painful for her since she is such a fluid natured creature. Though she kills mostly with her hands she also has the ability to kill in a much different, more painful way.



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Weaknesses and Handicaps

Geanian is limited by her inability to multitask and her dependence of the living. This is less a weakness now as living beings are prolific but it could, if the situation ever became severe enough, spell her doom.

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Basic Bio

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