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Re: Job hunting!
SephithSephith 24 Oct 2010 16:42
in discussion End Saga / Endsaga Gala » Job hunting!

Lol, that might be interesting! "The Great Search for the Kokoro!!!!" :P

No, but I think they're smart enough to figure out what the Kokoro's doing. Nina and I have talked about this before, actually…see, we figured that when the Esperanza swallowed 'em up, it started going in the OPPOSITE direction of the God King's territory. So now the Kokoro's gonna have to pick and choose the jobs it does to get by based on the direct-as-possible route they've chosen to get back on track! That's coming up in a few posts, actually~

Re: Job hunting! by SephithSephith, 24 Oct 2010 16:42
Re: Job hunting!
DyalloDyallo 24 Oct 2010 13:30
in discussion End Saga / Endsaga Gala » Job hunting!

You know if you guys go off haring off after adventures it's going to make it that much harder for Elrick and Samuun to find you again. :-P

Re: Job hunting! by DyalloDyallo, 24 Oct 2010 13:30

The dreams have continued to be awesome. 8D

Seriously, I am so glad we decided to do this. It's always seemed like a bit of a gamble, to get these guys together and then just stop for a while…so they can sit and talk at each other. But there's this delightful undercurrent of sheer eeriness that we've built up, and it keeps these things awesome. Oooh…I love it. <3

Re: IT'S DREAM TIME by SephithSephith, 23 Oct 2010 23:30
Re: Job hunting!
SephithSephith 23 Oct 2010 23:26
in discussion End Saga / Endsaga Gala » Job hunting!

Oh, that's my bad. I did intend to include those job opportunities in my recent post, but that didn't actually happen…

Guess they'll premiere here! Like I said, the first opportunity will sort of eventually balloon from Regina's trip to the doctor. I haven't tied down any specifics, but they're going to run into somebody who seems capable of shedding some light on the matter, and get wrangled into doing a job for this person in exchange for the information. Since Regina and Ace's main deal right now is "Who the Hell is Raddam Really", this could be seriously beneficial for them. And, to convince the others it's a worthwhile endeavor, they're going to basically say "well, look, we need all the leverage with the Usurpers we can get. maybe we can use what we learn to make sure they don't KILL US for losing the Jang head." Seems cool, right?

My other idea is a bit more long term…maybe. I've had this one for a while, actually. The hook is…What if someone claiming to be Victor Ace's sister contacted the Kokoro…and asked for his help? Or said something ludicrous like "I know where our mommy is" or whatever. Yeah - just a creepy cool little idea. I'm not totally sure what to do with it yet. 8D


Re: Job hunting! by SephithSephith, 23 Oct 2010 23:26

Thanks guys. I agree, it is different than what we've done, and I love it. I suppose that's obvious, though, since it's my baby. Brandon, I think you're post, though brutal as you said, was absolutely appropriate for Rae and an excellent start. The symbolizm and the imagery were fantastic and definitely hinted of things yet to come. This makes me really excited to see what everyone comes up with next and I seriously cannot wait for my turn. So thrilled.

Re: IT'S DREAM TIME by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino, 14 Oct 2010 00:27

As far as I'm concerned, the coolest thing about Erasure is that none of the characters are super extraordinary! All of their secrets are…well, things that happen in life. What's awaiting is more about how they develop as a group, which is exciting to say the least! 8D

I totally agree: Erasure is very different. CONGRATS JULIA

Re: IT'S DREAM TIME by SephithSephith, 13 Oct 2010 21:21

Hee hee hee, I love Ana and I love Rae Rae. >w< Just needed to get that out of the way.

I wasn't surprised about its brutality, I have to say. I thought the dream fit Rae extremely well, and this dream is probably going to be super important in its meanings… even if we didn't get the whole picture. :P I really got into the writing when I read it, it was so poetic and refreshing in comparison to my straightforward style. Even though it was a harsh, the story still had that fairytale quality.

Rae sure took her time mustering up the gusto to tell her dream, but that particular bit was revealing! Which is good for us to do early on, since a lot of us tend to hold all of our secrets close until farther in. Dahhh, I am excited for us to move on with Erasure! >w< It's gonna be different than anything we've done so far, guys! <3

Re: IT'S DREAM TIME by StitchyStitchy, 13 Oct 2010 17:52

Wait, what do you wanna do? LOL. Hmm, I actually think "Procedures" should go under technology. In fact, a lot of the items in Reset should go under technology, lmao. Let's change that, first off. And yes, mechanical bio-grafting is a big part of the CNC making process, but can also be used when someone has a limb replaced with a mechanical one, etc.

I'm gonna get this out of the way first. The lists are a way for us to collect general information about all of our subjects in the roleplays, and the larger articles are there for the details. In the portals we'll generally link to the lists when it comes to things other than characters, because characters will almost always have their own article. Not a lot of our terms and whatnot will have full blown articles, especially not right away. I would say that within articles you should link to the list if you are unsure if there will be a big article for it. The lists will link to the main articles anyway. But, for something like say… CNC, you would probably want to link to its article Concious Network, since there's a lot of information that can potentially go into that article. But, if you were to mention a data pad, you should probably just link to its home list. I doubt we'll need a full article for data pads, lol.

If you want to write a full-on article about cyberization, you can title it just that. I think having one article, either Cyberization or Cyborgs would be fine, since you can categorize cyberization within a cyborg article, and vice versa. I prefer having an article on cyberization, though, since most people know what a cyborg is. It'll be easier to differentiate between general cyborgs and the specific traits of Reset's cyborgs in that sort of article, too.

I would just start the Technology in Reset the World article and do a small tidbit about what cyberization is, and link to the full article. That format is used in the character lists, which if you scroll to Samuun, you can see an example.

Basically, if there is something that has a larger article, you should link that article to the list in which it belongs, and provide a short description for that topic in said list.

So, Brandon would first go to the article "Terms in Reset the World." He would make a section titled "Cyberization," and provide a link to the main article above the short description. Here's what it could look like:

The following is a complete list of terms that appear in the [wikipedia:Roleplaying roleplay], //[[[Reset the World]]]//.

+ Procedures
+++ Cyberization
//Main article: [[[Cyberization]]]//
Cyberization is the process of transforming an organic subject into an inorganic one.

[[include template:reset]]

I started the article, so you can see the end result here. You can make those mini descriptions as long as you want, and you don't even need to make a full article for each term. If your mini description seems to be growing quite large, that's usually a sign you should write a full article for it!

Also, a quick note about sectioning. You can make different sections by adding + signs to the title of your section. Adding more + signs will create tiered sections, and you can add almost as many as you want. For example, I usually have a single entity, such as cyberization, under a +++ section, in case there is a subsection that fits underneath the mother section. Thus, I could do something like this:

+ Procedures
++ Cybernetic Technology
+++ Cyberization

Doing this is not always necessary, but sometimes it helps. Just wanted to point that out to you guys.

Re: Soooo mannnyyy articles! by StitchyStitchy, 13 Oct 2010 17:51

Some time soon, I need to sit down and make a chart of what's connected to what in the Reset articles. For instance…

All of the "Terms for Reset the World" articles will ostensibly be on the same page, right? But when I make an article about the PROCESS of cyberization, how do I link that to the article that's just about cyborgs? Should the cyberization page even be there? Likewise, I didn't put the process of becoming a CNC in the list of Procedures (which I just added) because there's something called "Bio Mechanical Grafting" in the General section, and I was fairly sure that WAS the CNC process. I might've just complicated things by making the Procedures section, but…yeah, I don't know.

Thoughts? =O

Soooo mannnyyy articles! by SephithSephith, 13 Oct 2010 15:07

M-man…that girl is WEIRD. 8D

I'm gonna be honest - I thought long and hard about Rae's dream, and never once imagined it quite as it landed on the page. I had a revelation as I was going (as usually happens), and it turned into a kind of violent scary thing. >_>;;;; This always happens with Rae. She's a kind of violent scary person, and…yeah. I've only been this in tune with (and this surprised by!) one other character - Anastasia from RB! It's a little crazy, since Rae's so unusual for me.


IT'S DREAM TIME by SephithSephith, 13 Oct 2010 02:50
Re: Thanks!
StitchyStitchy 12 Oct 2010 15:47
in discussion Charm & Sequester Wiki / News » Thanks!

I love doing the rounds. But I don't reply as much as I should, lol.

Seriously, you guys, thanks so much! The wiki is my baby, and I'm just as happy as Brandon to see you guys creating stuff here. <3

Re: Thanks! by StitchyStitchy, 12 Oct 2010 15:47
Job hunting!
SephithSephith 11 Oct 2010 21:00
in discussion End Saga / Endsaga Gala » Job hunting!

At the end of Nina's Endsaga post, she mentioned that we should throw some ideas about jobs the team could do between planets and stuff, and I almost immediately had a couple ideas. In the post I'm typing someone's going to mention those ideas sort of offhand…and I figure if anyone's interested, it'll come back around eventually. (One of them has to do with gathering information on Regina's family; a "do this job, get info" sorta thing.) After all, the Kokoro's gotta make money, am I right? She's not a Magic Anime Vessel. She's gotta refuel…and she's always gettin' beat up…and stuff.

Once my post is up I'll throw those ideas into this thread, but in the meantime…

Does anyone else have ideas!? Endsaga reminds me of a really awesome RPG more every day, so if we got contracted to kill some bandits…well, you know, I wouldn't be complaining. :P

Job hunting! by SephithSephith, 11 Oct 2010 21:00
SephithSephith 11 Oct 2010 20:43
in discussion Charm & Sequester Wiki / News » Thanks!

Throwing this up as a brief thanks for all of the recent wiki activity. I'm grateful it's catching on!

This is also a reminder about the forum. I've been posting in there! Make sure you check that whenever you're looking at the wiki; it should be part of your rounds! <3

Thanks! by SephithSephith, 11 Oct 2010 20:43

A few months ago, a few of us (Jake included!) were joking around about this gangster thug guy we thought Raitev must inevitably have in his employ. I think it was based on something in one of Julia's more recent posts, but I don't remember. Anyway, the character kind of…took off from there.

What we've got on this guy is pretty simple. He's black (I'm pretty sure), a big muscle bound guy…and the fun (and important!) twist is he can read binary. He's working for Raitev…as a random thug. But people call him Thug - a nickname! He's got a thing for most things electronic, which includes a CNC fetish. (There was some speculation that he'd be hitting on Joey, which would make him a pedophile, too.) I remember Jake got pretty upset that the rest of us were disgusted about the fetish…or something. I don't recall exactly.

Regardless, we were going to use this guy as a way of having some fun apart from the main story, and to use characters who don't get as much time in the spotlight - namely Celz and Joey. I don't want this to turn into a huge thing, just a small arc consisting of some posts between Thug (played by Julia) and whoever he meets up with (Joey, Celz, Raitev, maybe Wren?) while we get Reset rolling for real again. 'Cause I feel bad for Nina and Dy, not getting to use their people as often as the rest of us. And because it's a hilarious idea.

The set up of the story is Raitev needs Thug to do something for him. To acquire and read something only he can read - because it's written in binary. And whatever he's being sent after would be coveted by the government (I have some ideas about what it is), which brings WALL and Celz into the picture…and yeah.

This thread will serve as a way for us to discuss how to go about this, and have general lulz about it! Woo!

So who all is interesting in participating? It wouldn't be difficult to involve all the people I listed, and maybe more!

Thug Side Story by SephithSephith, 11 Oct 2010 20:41
Re: Endsaga RPG
SephithSephith 07 Oct 2010 00:51
in discussion End Saga / Endsaga Gala » Endsaga RPG

If Endsaga were an RPG, when you go to visit Xion in the infirmary:

He'd tell you things like "YOUR CHOLESTEROL IS KIND OF HIGH", and then give spiritual advice in the same breath: "A FAT MAN ROLLS EVER TO THE UNIVERSE'S DIP."

Xion isn't too nice.

Re: Endsaga RPG by SephithSephith, 07 Oct 2010 00:51
Endsaga RPG
SephithSephith 07 Oct 2010 00:47
in discussion End Saga / Endsaga Gala » Endsaga RPG

If Endsaga were an RPG, when you eat Alph's Blue Andromeda Pudding:

+5 EXP!




Endsaga RPG by SephithSephith, 07 Oct 2010 00:47
goof off
SephithSephith 07 Oct 2010 00:40
in discussion Reset the World / Reset Gala » goof off

Guys. Guys! GUYS!

…what's your favorite element of Reset? 8D

The (quasi) cyberpunk themes? The awful main character? The cool terrorists-are-the-good-guys POV? The BAYSPLOSIONS? Or maybe…


Hobbits. 8D

No, but really, let's talk about what we like. <3

To be honest, I actually am a big fan of how stupid Lucy is. Hahaha. At first she was supposed to be mostly cute and only marginally stupid, but there's no balance anymore - she's just a friggin douche. The fun part was always "How do we turn that around?" - and now that's just the hard part. 8D;

In general, the cast is kind of unique on Charmander. (I mean, as unique as you can get with three active roleplays.) Either by intention or by fuck up (on my part, it's kind of both), they're a big fat blob of shades of gray - plenty of nice people, some cool people, some sociopaths, some nice cool soicopaths, a Batman, mysterious people, weird people…and what I want to get to most is exploring how their actions (ie, being terrorists) line up with who they are. That's what I'm lookin' forward to in Reset the most!

And what about YOU? <3

goof off by SephithSephith, 07 Oct 2010 00:40
Re: At War Discussion Gala! by SephithSephith, 15 May 2009 10:06

Switching gears here a little bit…

So, I was making a post on the board…about Charmander, and how different it is from other roleplay sites. And in the post, I started talking about the way I'd envisioned Charmander at first, and how things evolved (well, devolved, actually) from there. You know, I wanted to stray away from the really big roleplays that lasted YEARS. That didn't last long. But…

I think that's a perfect set up for Atwar. It has such a big world…instead of focusing on a sprawling epic that lasts longer than our attention spans, why don't we pick and choose the stories we tell? We could do a series of roleplays in Atwar - and they would be shorter. The stakes would be higher. There would be more interesting dynamics open to us, I think. We would have a chance to better explore all of the stuff we've talked about in here, too. I realize there would be some issues with characters - do we keep the same ones, or do we use new ones every time? just a small taste of them - but I don't want to talk about that until you guys digest this first.

Just another thing: if we did do this, I think to maintain a certain pace, we would have to make some rules, too. A limit of on post length. Something about characters, too. I don't know, it seems prudent and I've been wanting to experiment with imposed limits like that for a while.

Let me know, you guys.

Re: At War Discussion Gala! by SephithSephith, 17 Apr 2009 15:23

Ok I tried to type up this history about 2 weeks ago and my browser crashed. I'm going to attempt this again…

Myurventis, a strange world, but one full of life. It functioned on a basic principle of flourishing life then apocalypse and rebirth. Every reincarnation of this world seemed to enrich it further as if, almost, the world was learning from itself. Every cycle seemed as if it got better until the invention of war. Myurventis reached a point in its creative cycle where the inhabitants on its surface became self-aware and began to create things from the resources around them. This led to technology and for a few cycles this seemed to further enrich the planet.

Then about 3 cycles before our story begins a disagreement started a war between two races. This war caused a misalignment of the magic forces that flowed throughout the world. Upon the cataclysm a couple survived the reincarnation of the planet. This threw the world into more of a tailspin and the magic force that was the tapestry that held the cycles into their cyclical pattern began to tear. Into this world came the beginnings of what would become the elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, trolls, dragons, and Omegarians. This was also where the forces of natures began to shape a physical form for themselves. They eventually became the wyrms.

The survivors from the previous cycle began to change rapidly as this current cycle moved on towards its apocalypse. They began to gain tremendous power and it seemed to them as if the magic in the world was somehow flowing through them more heavily than the other races. They recognized these races were in their infancy and the few survivors chose to stay apart from them. They also found that they could not produce children between themselves or the races currently on the planet. Inevitably, one of these survivors triggered a war among the younger races this war triggered the apocalypse early and once more the tapestry of magic in the world was torn further asunder. The race of survivors dwindled further to only 2 or 3 that survived this horrendous apocalypse. These few survivors changed so drastically during this period of rebirth that they seemed almost as gods. One of them, who became the Fey King in the current cycles, was changed in body as well as mind. He became an amalgamation of the races of the previous cycle and the current cycle.
(I dont really know if you guys were serious about Geanian being one of the survivors so I'll leave that out for now, and if you think another being such as the FK is to much we can always have them die of insanity or some such.)
He settled in the forest of the land and vowed to remain as neutral in the conflicts as was possible. He sensed the coming of the wyrms as they began to wake and was terrified for the fabric of this cycle.
The races that we know to be among us currently, sprang up and with a seemingly single minded nature they began to build themselves into the cultures we now know today. (Again, I'll leave up the individual race histories to whoever chooses to do it. :)) In the midst of their building it was apparent that the fabric of magic was beginning to fray as the individual races realized they could now manipulate the magic in the world around them. Each race devised their own way to use the magic. This seemed to stabilize the tapestry as the excess threads of magic were being put to some use and not acting upon the world itself to further harm the cycle. The humans around this time began to show a definite predilection towards violence and began to move towards a more war-like way of thinking. In this era of the cycle tensions began to spring up, and was further exacerbated by the coming of the Wyrms.

Each of the five wyrms began to systematically warp the nature of the world. Their corruption even extended to warping the members of the races that spent to long in their company. These warped creations were isolated and served only to create the heroes and legends of myth. The rumors of great and terrible monsters extended from these times. As time progressed onward the corruption began to affect the races and their lives. Corrupted members of the races began to pop up even more regularly and it was even rumored that the Wyrm of destruction had mated with a dragon and their offspring walked the world. Into this time period the seeds of the War of Containment were sown. Chiatey the offspring of that abominable pairing grew in intelligence and understand under the tutelage of the Dragons and the Omegarians who lived among them. It was he who finally realized that the fabric of magic was tearing and that if this world was to last they would need to be contained. Contained in the book "On Wyrms…" are the accounts of the War of Containment.

I'm going to leave the history here as this is a good stopping point for more input on just how the Omegarians were left in the lurch by the fading of the Dragons, and how the goblins ascended in the world and were then cast down. This is also a great beginning for everyone else to ass input to the history of the world…

Re: At War Discussion Gala! by DyalloDyallo, 07 Apr 2009 20:15
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