Finn Driscoll (aka Finn) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. He is a geneticist, and is played primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.

Character Overview

Scientist. This is how Finn firstly defines himself. Homo sapien sapien is what comes next. The rest are more minor details. Though this might mislead you to think he's a boring egghead, the truth is he's quite amiable. Spend some time with him and you'll see he is quite comfortable in his humaness, and lives life well. It's just that his work is closer to a mission than a career, and there is so much to discover.


Finn often fluctuates between intense periods of work and times of apparant idleness. A person who immensely enjoys his creature comforts, he has a definite sensual side and rarely turns down a perceived opportunity to luxuriate. However, lest you think he is lazy, there are also times when he is overtly industrious, and will toil in the lab for days on end with little sleep. As a child Finn was identified as having superior cognitive ability, and learning has always come easily to him. As such, he always has a project working in his head, perhaps even to or three. With so many wheels turning at the same time, this leads him to be flighty, and he often will drop a project in the middle for another, or for a long bout of relaxation. It is safe to say that his work might never get completed if he did not learn how to make schedules at the insistence of his teachers early on.

In his personal relationships Finn is generally quite successful. He possesses an easy going, confident mannar that rarely fails to win others over. Coupled with his good sense of humor, he is on the whole quite likeable. As a scientist, however, he has little patience for things he considers "fairy tales". From his point of view science is the only way to explain the world; believing in such stories is fine when one is being taught morality as a child, but pointless to hang onto as an adult.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Rather lithe, Finn possesses several traits that can make him seem feminine, but only through a perfunctory glance. He is tall at an even six feet and well toned at 164 pounds, possesses pale skin and black, razor cut hair, which hangs a bit long on the sides at the front of his head. The back of his head is hairless, half of his skull having been replaced by a clear blue Plexiglas. The reason for this oddity can be explained by the presence of steel colored mechanical eyes which have replaced his originals and are hooked up to his occipital lobe with specific implants that can be seen through his brain case. His basic manner of clothing himself is in a mercury colored body suit that covers him from neck to toe; specially designed to both insulate the body and monitor its vital functions. When in an outside environment he will add on boots, jacket and belt with a Gen17 LaserShotEX. In addition he often sports a pair of reflective polarized sunglasses, especially when he leaves the ship.


Educated at the best schools and raised in a safe, nurturing environment, Finn grew up much removed from the troubles of the world.

Powers and Abilities

Finn's combination of brains and super-human vision means, essenitally, that he is one of if not the most productive scientist in his field. He excels by leaps and bounds, making the Federation fawn over him with grant money. It lets him get away with a lot, that's for sure.


Finn's intelligence quotient scores place him in the 96th percentile. He graduated from secondary school at the age of twelve and earned his bachelors degree at fifteen. By twenty he had achieved his doctorate in genetic engineering. With a brain like a sponge and a photographic memory to boot, it is hard to find his intellectual match.

Super Eyes

When he was twenty-five Finn decided to have a procedure to replace his natural eyes with engineered ones. After several months of healing and rehabilitation he was able to operate all his new eyes' funtions, including magnified, ultra-violet and infrared. This gives him the ability to view objects naturally in multiple ways while others would require expensive and cumbersome equipment. With this enhancement, he easily outpaces all other scientists in his field.

Weaknesses and Handicaps


Because his mind works so fast, Finn has a tendancy to bounce from one thing to another, often without finishing what he started first. This occurs both in his work and personal life. He defines it as "getting sidetracked" but ask anyone who knows him and they'll call it as they see it, ADD.

Closed Minded

Let's get right to it, in Finn's mind there are facts and there are fairy tales. At least when you're discussing the makeup of the universe. He has very little patience for people who, in his mind, choose to ignore facts, especially when it comes to the spiritual and faithful. Morality, he says, is for keeping the populous in order, not for explaining the whys of existence. That job is strictly for science, and the two should never, ever cross. So please excuse him if he gets obnoxious when you try to justify your faith to him, he just thinks you don't know how to separate myth from reality.


Constantine Salé

Finn's relationship with Connie spans seven years, moving quite naturally and comfortably from friends to lovers and partners. They are well matched compliments to each other's personalities and intelligence. Though Constantine is officially the leader of their band, they more often than not consult each other on the best course to take.

Hannah Schnell

Hannah came to Finn and Connie when she was fourteen, fresh from her transformation to a Matrice. He was quite insistent she come to them, as it was due to several of Finn's innovations that her integration with AI was so successful. And, since the Federation rarely denies him anything he got his way. He is very affectionate toward her, and does all he can to be a strong positive in her life, one he knows has been filled with far too many negatives.

Nerva MacBeth

"That rambuctious kid" as he has been heard to call her, is another source of happiness in Finn's life. Though he doesn't feel quite as responsible for her as he does for Hannah, he is endlessly amused by her antics and energy.

Mia + Scotch

The Kingship







Basic Bio

Finn Driscoll
First Appearance: Post #
Played By: JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino
Voiced by: [wikipedia:] ()
Name Meaning: The White Messenger
Age: 30
D.O.B.: September 5, 2397
Species: Human
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 164 lbs
Blood Type: B+
Hair: Black
Eyes: Steel Gray
Ethnicity: Irish/Swedish
Sun Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Occupation: Geneticist
Hobbies: Napping
Lazing around
Family Music Time
Relatives: Constantine
Residence: The Pacific
Abilities: Intelligence
Super Eyes
Weaknesses: Flighty
Weapon: Gen17 LaserShotEX

End Saga
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