Ezmeralda Krelian

Ezmeralda (aka Ezzy) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is played primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.

Character Overview


Ezmerelda is not a highly intelligent woman, but is far from stupid. It is perhaps most accurate to describe her as someone who simply lacks the capacity for initiative or innovation. She works well, and does so best when given instruction, being efficient in whatever she is set to accomplish. She talks little, lacking Carissa’s talent for creating a verbal rapport. This, combined with a voice that, though noticeably feminine, is at times painfully monotone, serves to magnify her ordinariness to the point of dullness.

Though her outer personality leaves much to be desired, Ezmerelda holds a fierce loyalty to her family, though she is often blind to their own personality flaws. Always eager to please, she has an unmatched work ethic, and can be a bit of a perfectionist about certain things, though never those items pertaining to herself. She is not easily swayed by the opinions or arguments of other people excepting her family and tends to be rather set in her ways for someone so young.

Appearance and Physical Traits

No one who saw Ezmerelda would venture to call her beautiful, though she has never been called ugly. The straight truth is that she is neither, but instead quite distinctly plain. She is so much so, in fact, that it is easy, almost natural for people to forget her face; the individual features not worthy of comment. Her eyes are normally round, her lashes short, her nose a tad bit wide, and her lips thin, though not too much so. She has black hair that lacks shine and hazel eyes devoid of brightness, though is perhaps a bit too tall at 5’10”. She is neither thin nor fat, and does not possess enough curve to compliment her frame, rendering her immune to lustful notice. Her skin tone borders on pallid, though does not possess the fineness or blush of her sisters. Ezmerelda’s presentation is equally forgettable; she keeps herself in practical dress of earth tones, though not those of richness. She is always neat, but not overly so, keeping her nails short and hair trimmed evenly at the shoulders. On the whole, she appears as the epitome of the plain-Jane that she is.


Life for Ezmerelda growing up was far from easy, though it had the outward appearance of one of repose and comfort. For much of the time in her early years she was a tagalong to her sister Carissa when she was around and on very rare occasions her brother, though he seemed to have less tolerance for her. She was schooled in general subjects with little expected in the way of academic achievement as it was fairly obvious to her parents, particularly her father she would not accomplish much there. But what was demanded of her at all times was to listen. Listen and remember, went the chant. She was constantly drilled on what she’d heard around her and punished harshly if her answers were insufficient. By the time she was eighteen she could pick up on the subtlest nuance in conversation and remember it for months. However, by that the Krelian’s mother had died and Ezmerelda, finding little comfort or kindness on Lilivert sought out Carissa, who gladly took her sister in, though for reasons Ezmerelda could never pick up on, seeing her sister only as an empathetic figure.

Powers and Abilities

The one thing that stands out in Ezmerelda is her memory. Though not photographic, she can remember complicated instructions down to the last detail, and soaks up surrounding conversations with ease. This makes her a useful asset for those that take the time to notice and utilize her; she only has to be told once what to do and she will execute the order to perfection. In conjunction with that, people find it very easy to speak in her presence, though not necessarily to her. There is a sort of complacence that Ezmerelda breeds in the environment around her, making people lax in their judgment and often easy to pry for information with the slightest suggestion. People may find themselves telling her privileged information without realizing it, and then forgetting they’d done so, much like they forget her presence.


Ezzy's memory is triggered primarily through auditory stimuli, though she can remember the written word well enough. However anything she hears she will undoubtedly remember.

Being Unnoticed

The combination of her plain appearance and lackluster personality are merely aiding factors in Ezmeralda's ability to fade into the background. The actual ability stems from a natural talent, though perhaps not all would call it a "talent". For her father's purposes, however, it was just that.

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Blind Loyalty

Once Ezzy has decided to take sides with you, there is no changing her mind. She never asks questions of those she is loyal to, even when she should. Her chosen individuals are, in her eyes, without flaw and she often makes excuses for the imperfections others bring up.

Need for direction

Ezmeralda cannot do anything without being directed to do it. The one and only exception to this rule was when she left her family's home on Lilivert to find Carissa. She has little to no imagination, preventing her from taking innitiatve or improvising. This, despite her skills, makes her only so useful. It was this weakness that most frustrated her father, and he was often cruel to her out of exasperation for her failings.



Ezzy always avoided her eldest sister when possible growing up; always being incredibly intimidated by her, even today.


It was Carissa who Ezzy always felt closest to, and as a result when their mother died it was her second eldest sister she decided to live with. She does her best to earn her keep and thinks of herself as someone Carissa could not do without, though the truth is much different.




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Basic Bio

Ezmeralda Letitia Krelian
First Appearance: Post # (post # character is first introduced)
Played By: JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Name Meaning: Emerald
Aliases: Ezzy
Age: 24
D.O.B.: (birthdate)
Species: human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: (character's weight in lbs, and kg in parenthesis)
Blood Type: O+
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon
Sun Sign: (character's Zodiac sign)
Occupation: (character's job)
Hobbies: (character's hobbies)
Relatives: Mother (deceased), Father, (deceased), Oldest Sister
Older Sister, Older Brother, Younger Sister
Birthplace: Lilivert, Republic of Polkind
Residence: (character's home)
Abilities: Memory
Being unnoticed
Weaknesses: Blind loyalty
Need for direction
Weapon: (list weapons the character owns)
Theme: (YouTube link character theme songs)

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