Erasure is a fantasy roleplay on the roleplay community, Charm & Sequester. It is headed primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.


Basic Plot

At the end of the Turnover Festival this man, known to many as the Remnant, Elijah Rohan kidnapped and brutally murdered a young girl. The attempt to abort his mission that night failed, but a group of individuals survived the encounter. They come from many corners of the world and possess many different faces; not all of them known or seen, but there is something they all have in common - a connection to the one called the Remnant. These people, though of differing origins, have been bound together by the Fey King under one task, to find and capture this man. Their success or failure has yet to be seen, yet even so there is no escaping the bond that now ties them - the bond that runs much deeper than any of them know, into a story that has long since been forgotten by the people of this world.

Characters & Cast

Elijah Rohan

Krielle Ovrita

Rae Coldir

Nir Tojus Olwine

The Bone Reaper

Elamin Farwalker

Tornax Bonehakka

Natessa Shyron

Relis the Island King




The calender of the world of Erasure is very similar to those used on Earth. There are twelve months, around twenty eight to thirty one days in a month, and seven days in a week, etc. Each month is represented by a color.

January Bistre
February Silver
March Celadon
April Violet
May Rose
June Azure
July Teal
August Carmine
September Gold
October Vermilion
November Rust
December Ivory

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