Endsaga is a science fiction roleplay on the roleplay community, Charm & Sequester. It is headed primarily by SephithSephith.


Basic Plot

In the first pages of ENDSAGA, we meet the core protagonists, and from them we are introduced to and learn about a number of key words, situations, people, and places that the roleplay has since become reliant on; it's from those first five or six pages that everything really stems from. This is a basic look at how things got started and where they appear to be going!

Here's the situation at the start of the roleplay:

Regina Arianarc, also known as Ulysses and generally considered to be the main character, has found herself part of the crew on the space freighter Kokoro. She's planning on swiping the Kokoro's current cargo, and she isn't the only one—most of her new fellow crewmates have come aboard with very similar intentions, and not all of them are doing it solo. Though no one seems to know exactly what it is, the cargo is referred to as simply “The Head.” It turns out the Kokoro's captain, a dangerous goof ball named Victor Ace, has invited all of these people vying for “The Head” onto his ship purposefully in a ridiculous gamble meant to provide the precious cargo with round-the-clock protective measures; the ship's A.I., Rodriguez, tells Regina the captain brought her on the ship to keep this powder keg from totally disrupting the ship's business as usual. Of course, there are various other “protective measures” involved, as well—including most especially the bizarre gentleman of a seven foot alien wolf, Samuun. Regina accepts this role with unusual zest, and in the process of chatting up the locals and getting a feel for the attitudes ship-wide, she meets both Samuun and a new crewmember who has no idea about the cargo, Matthew Brisker.

Through Matt, we learn that “The Head” literally refers to the preserved head of a Jang, the obligatory ancient, mysteriously dead alien race. Samuun, who can read various branches of time and possesses psychic abilities, assures Regina and Matt that The Head contains a ludicrous amount of information, much of it lost to current civilization and totally beyond humanity's present level of advacement. Not much else is said about The Head beyond that—it is mostly a MacGuffin, something to push plot forward. And it serves its purpose well!

What the Kokoro is doing with a mega-old alien head, where the crew got it, and how they plan to proceed from there are central plot points, and details are scarce at first. The new additions to the Kokoro crew are, however, briefed on their employer, the job, and the stakes in a meeting early on—the God King, overlord of a vast, lawless area of space, hired the Kokoro for three assignments, reclaiming The Head being one of them; the job is to acquire The Head and a young lady named Rosabella, and then escort both of them to the God King's Territory; and the stakes are informed by the enormity of their employer, the God King, a man or a thing with tremendous influence and reach in human space, and the things he has asked them to do.

Rumors abound that the Kokoro captain, Victor Ace, committed terrible atrocities in his youth, and again to capture The Head for the Kokoro's current job. These rumors were vindicated, somewhat, when Kokoro A.I. Informed the crew during this debriefing that the current phase of the job dictated that they must “relieve” Rosabella from the capital of the Republic of Polkind—that they would not only rescue Rosabella, but murder the Republic's military commander, Joseph “Hoss” Krelian, in the process, and preserve his body until the Kokoro could deliver it, The Head, and Rosabella to the God King personally. Victor Ace was very nonchalant about the amoral slant of these tasks; and seemed to skim past the God King's involvement entirely for quite a while thereafter.

There was a reason for that, and his name is Elrick Peregrine, the last prince of Mars.

Since accepting this job for the King, Victor Ace had been planning on baiting Elrick with The Head, a thing possessed of the long-lost secrets of the galaxy, a magic thing. This incessant chase after Elrick would be the first real hint of Victor Ace's madness.

There's no good reason to summarize Elrick's story, which can be found near the bottom of Page 5 of the roleplay. Your historian, Dear Reader, is pretty obsessed with how awesome Jennifer can be, and would rather you just direct yourself to that post. Suffice to say, Victor Ace saw pieces of himself in Elrick, and wanted to meet him, and match wits with him, and understand what sent Elrick Peregrine over the edge—he might then learn what sent him over the edge, in other words. Or how much farther over the edge he needed to go. (Spoiler: it's the latter!) Ace wanted to do these things, and just as he thought, Elrick was interested in The Head; they met, they clashed (over The Head as well as Rosabella's imprisonment), and Ace learned what he needed to learn.

There is a point in ENDSAGA that is nearly impossible to summarize: the period during which the Kokoro was held aboard Elrick's gargantuan ship, the Ultima Esperanza. It's a very large chunk of the roleplay, but there is very little plot movement. There were plenty of character beats, and realizations, and revelations, but the main plot does not go very far. There are a couple of characters, however, that deserve mentions, especially during this period of the roleplay: Alphonse Tandem, the Kokoro's first mate, and Rosabella, the girl they kidnapped from the Republic.

Alphonse is a critical piece of the ENDSAGA puzzle—the first mate of the Kokoro and Ace's best friend, he is the sole reason Victor Ace hasn't gone on a killing spree, and it is through him that we really learn about the deeds that prove the captain's madness. That is to say, we learn from Alph about Rylon X, where the Kokoro's search for The Head, the machinations of Joseph Krelian, and the life long tensions between Alphonse and Ace all converged, somewhere around six months before the start of the story. Joseph Krelian is another significant player (yes, even though he's dead), but your historian will get to that soon enough, Dear Reader. At any rate, you'll find that Rylon X will be on the Required Reading list, so I won't go into too much depth about that.

On the other hand, Rosabella is the critical piece of the ENDSAGA puzzle. This girl is the reason the Kokoro got dragged into what will prove to be a serious shit storm of galactic war and conspiracy, and it is her loyalities and desires that the Kokoro's actions will eventually hinge on. For the sake of brevity, all I will say about Rosabella is that she was imprisoned, tortured, teased, and in general treated quite terribly by her father (who is, yes, the God King); she had a teacher, too, who shows up later, named Nerina LaVigne; and she escaped from her father so that she could side with Joseph Krelian to wage war on him; she's got a genius I.Q., but knows absolutely nothing about the world; and she might possibly be crushing super hard on Alphonse Tandem!

I could say more about all of these things, and there's plenty I left out…but this will be a great start and complement to your reading experience. And of course, I'm available for help whenever you don't understand something.

Flow Chart

Below, I have provided a sort of flow chart that poses the most prevalent of questions in ENDSAGA, and there are even a few answers! This covers some things I didn't mention, including the children of Joseph Krelian. All right, here goes.

  • Regina and Ace have shared a Supernatural Experience (TM). What is it? As we prcoeed, this question turns into…
  • What is "the place" they keep referring to, and how did it drive them bonkers? Which becomes…
  • Regina claims that Ace has "sworn an oath." She eventually joins him in this oath, somewhat ashamed that she had to see Ace in action to rustle up the courage required. They seem to think they're going to "save the universe." But what from?
  • Who is Rosabella? How can she draw so good? Why does she keep fainting? What's the God King wanna do with her? (Also when will Alph and Rosa fuck? :P) Which becomes…
  • How are Rosa's strange visions and Reginace's Experiences related? How can they help one another?
  • When, how, and why did Alph and Ace - supposedly the best of friends until a year or so ago - end up at odds? How is Ace's behavior related to his and Regina's shared Supernatural Experience? Which becomes…
  • What the flying fuck happened on Rylon X? (Bad stuff.)
  • Who are Joseph Krelian's children? Their names are Randall (who inherits Joseph's title as the Republic's military commander), Carissa, Kelvena, Ezmeralda, and Riley.
  • Where is Joseph's "long lost brother"? (His name's Zachary. Often referred to as the "Broken Man.")
  • Who is Nastasia? (Answer: Joseph's dead wife/father of his children.)
  • What is the nature/purpose of the strange abilities Joseph's children have been known to exhibit? For example…
  • Kelvena is capable of manipulating people's moods with her voice.
  • Riley can create fear, and to an extent convince the victim that these fears are absolute reality.
  • It's impossible to deny Carissa any thing she wants. People just want to do things for. She's a charmer, yak yak yak.
  • Ezmeralda is utterly forgettable. Even her siblings and her parents could forget about/not notice her if she didn't at times make herself known.
  • Randall is…a tool? No, just kidding. He doesn't have an ability. ISN'T THAT WEIRD.
  • What is the connection between the Krelians and the God King?
  • Who is Nerina LaVigne? Rosabella mentions her many times and calls her "a teacher." We do meet Nerina later on (during the glacial Yotos arc), and she is awesome. For the sake of brevity, Nerina saved Isabelle after her escape from home did not go quite as planned.
  • How is Nerina connected to any of this? (And oh, she is.) Specifically, the questions are: what is her relationship with the Krelian family and what is her relationship with Rosa and the God King? (And how are these relationships at odds?)

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Guiding Light
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Basic Bio

Genre Science fiction
Author(s) SephithSephith
The JenThe Jen
Jako HunterJako Hunter
Language English
Format Digital Roleplay
Length 0 Pages
Original Run July 7th, 2008 - Ongoing
Starring Victor Ace
Regina Arianarc
Alphonse Tandem
Matthew Brisker
Elrick Peregrine
Nerina LaVigne
Kaide Brisker
Isabelle Kant
Rupert Lodess
Janny Doffeulil
Greco Doffeulil
Sprax Lexicon
Ryan Harris
Reese Mathers
Raddam Z
Electra Arianarc
Link For Sires
Joseph Krelian
Randall Krelian
Kelvena Krelian
Carissa Krelian
Ezmeralda Krelian
Zachary Krelian
Riley dej Kiyt
Edi Mahlay
Madeline Xu
Opening Song TBA
Ending Song Guiding Light by Muse
Time Period: 2427 AD
Setting: The Universe

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