Elrick Peregrine

Elrick Peregrine is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. He is a space pilot and is played primarily by The JenThe Jen.


Elrick Peregrine is a walking mass of contradictions. He is calm yet crazed, fearsome yet gentle. He does what he feels is right, but cares about his own interests more than anything else. Elick can also be aptly described as the literal definition of desperation. His heart is filled to the brim with grief for the things that he has lost. That which he seeks, he seeks like a man in a desert searches for water.

Appearance and Physical Traits

He is a tall and imposing man with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and haunted, peircing blue eyes. His flawless physique was chisseled not out of vanity but out of necessity, becoming a weapon to strike out against his enemies. Elrick carries himself with all the nobility and grace one would expect from a man in his position, yet sometimes there is a weary tiredness about him as if he were slowly grinding himself to dust.


Elrick's story is a tragedy that is told far and wide. It is embellished by his fans, tarnished by his enemies and misinterpereted by everyone inbetween. The truth, known only to a select few is this: He was an only child, born into House Peregrine, royal family and beloved monarchs of Mars. Elrick had arrived in an interrim period of peace for his planet, beseiged as it was for a hundred years durring the Plutonian War of Conquest. His father taught him the Art of War and all that went with it, his mother doting on him at every opportunity. At the height of his prime he met a noblewoman's daughter that was being educated at the palace by the name of Elisabeth Rose of The House of Swans. He was enchanted by her beauty and saintly heart, swiftly engaging in a romance that would light the very stars. They were married for only a brief time when tragedy struck. On the eve of a massive Plutonian invasion the likes of which had never been faced, a cloaked assasin was found standing over Elisabeth's body with a poisoned dagger in his hand. He taunted the hearbroken prince before leaping out a window, robbing him even of vengeance. Every inch of the planet was scoured, returning it to the rusty state that we know today. Only the royal family and a handful of ships escaped, and they were hunted down one by one until only Elrick and his father remained alive. Nearly insane at this point, the prince accompanied the king on a bold covert mission: stealing Pluto's newest and most powerful vessel. His father now dead, the last living martian turned it's planet-killing superweapon on it's creators. In an act that would make him known far and wide as a ruthless killer, Pluto was melted into nothing. Their oppressors homeworld destroyed, the conquored planets rebelled and freed themselves from tyrrany, yet also plunging the Sol System into chaos as factions vied for control. The now exiled plutonians placed a bounty on his head, but no one knew what became of The Peregrine. Elrick had become a kind of phantom, appearing here and there causing an eruption of rumors as he went.

Powers and Abilities

Ability 1

Elrick has yet to meet his match with a sword despite countless duels, and perhaps never will.

Ability 2

He posseses piloting skills on par with the finest captains in the galaxy, able to take on formations impenetrable by lesser men.

Weaknesses and Handicaps

Weakness 1

Elrick's pride often gets the better of him, clouding his judgement and causing him to fight even against impossible odds.

Weakness 2

When faced with failure, Elrick is prone to bouts of extreme depression and lethargy; he only recovers after a long period of time, somtimes days.


Character 1

Elrick has a unique, familial relationship with his vessel's AI triad. As the ship's main supercomputer, Elrick relies on the zany Bellona for navigation and higher functions. Surprizingly enough, the laid back Deimos is responsible for combat and acts as Elrick's secret confidante. Finally, the cantankerous Phobos is in charge of security and shipboard maintenance.

Character 2

Tau is his closest friend, one of the only people he truely trusts. She is the only one capable of holding him together, without her Elrick would almost assuredly slip away into madness and sorrow.


  • Fun fact 1! Elrick enjoys drinking unhealthy amounts of alcohol.
  • Fun fact 2! His sword is named Crystalis.

Basic Bio

Prince Elrick of The House of Peregrine
First Appearance: Post # 3
Played By: The JenThe Jen
Name Meaning: Noble Wanderer
Aliases: "The Strange Phantasm", "The Traveler", "Worldslayer", "The Peregrine"
Age: (character's age)
Species: Human (Martian)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 190 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Wanderer
Hobbies: Drinking
Relatives: Deceased
Birthplace: Mars
Residence: The Ultima Esperanza
Weapon: The sword Crystalis
Theme: Wake Me Up Inside

End Saga
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