Elamin Farwalker
Elamin Farwalker

Elamin Farwalker (aka Elamin) is a fictional character in the roleplay Erasure. He is a peddler and is played primarily by The JenThe Jen.

Character Overview

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Quiet, severe, and radiating an aura of danger. The few words he chooses to use cut straight to the marrow of things. People who encounter Elamin are left trying to decide whether he was simply a suspicious person, or something even more…sinister. Those who travel alongside him come to know him as honest and dependable, but what motivates him to do the things that he does are unfathomable.

Appearance and Physical Traits

From the depths of his hood, a pair of amethyst eyes pierce out of the blackness.


It is said that whenever a sighting of the Remnant is reported, The Traveler is sure to follow. Unhurried and unworried, The Traveler moves at his own pace, slowly but surely gaining on his quarry. Why he follows, no one knows. Some say the Remnant gave him terrible scars, causing him to hide from the light of day underneath his cloak. Some say the Remnant killed his family and burned his home, prompting a quest for vengeance. Still others say the Remnant stole something from him, something precious…

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Elamin Farwalker
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Theme: Wherever I May Roam – Metallica

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