Characters In Erasure

The following is a complete list of characters that appear in the roleplay, Erasure. The characters are sorted generally by situation or occupation. Please use discretion when placing a new character in a category, and use other characters ' placements as a guideline.

If a character's description becomes too long, or requires sections to showcase all of the information known about said character, do not hesitate to start a full article. In other words, if their short description on the list is looking rather bulky, consider writing that character's full article.


Rae Coldir

Main article: Rae Coldir

Elamin Farwalker

Main article: Elamin Farwalker


Main article: Saedin

Bone Reaper

Main article: Bone Reaper

Natessa Shyron

Main article: Natessa Shyron

Tornax Bonehakka

Main article: Tornax Bonehakka

Nir Tojus Olwine

Main article: Nir Tojus Olwine

Krielle Ovrita

Main article: Krielle Ovrita


Main article: Relis


Elijah Roahn

Main article: Elijah Roahn


The Fey King

Main article: Fey King


Main article: Johnny


Main article: Lily


Main article: Ophelia


Sohwa Hyla Dareed

Faday Madenne Olwine

Olwine Family

Belden Aew - 892 years. Father.
Erilae Marah - 731 years. Mother.
Alina Nora - 420 years. Female.
Indir Drau - 411 years. Male.
Jaroche Sibe - 398 years. Male.
Vettie Peale - 392 years. Female.
Nir Tojus - 380 years. Male.
Denha Filla - 370 years. Female.
Faday Madenne - 361 years. Female.
Wirtir Ael - 345 years. Male.

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