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The following is a complete list of characters that appear in the roleplay, Endsaga. The characters are sorted generally by situation or occupation. Please use discretion when placing a new character in a category, and use other characters ' placements as a guideline.

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Regina "Ulysses" Arianarc

Main article: Regina Arianarc

Matthew Brisker

Main article: Matthew Brisker

Victor Ace

Main article: Victor Ace

Alphonse Tandem

Main article: Alphonse Tandem

Alphonse Tandem, known by others as Alph, is the first mate of the Kokoro and best friend of Victor Ace. He is 28 years old, and a very grounded individual. Often the voice of reason for the captain and the crew, Alph is responsible and reliable. He handles much of the Kokoro's dealings, cargo handling, and helps run the engine room with the chief engineer, Rupert Lodess. Alph loves engineering and everything to with it. He and Victor Ace have made a deal with the God-King to retrieve and deliver the Jang's Head and Rosabella to him safely.


Main article: Samuun

Samuun is a rather dark and foreboding beast of a humanoid. He is 7' tall and at a whim his joints turn fluidic and allow him to run on all-fours like an old terran wolf. He is old. He started counting how old he was when he first came across humanity, that was 245 years ago. His real age is very hard to judge and could be somewhere around two to three thousand years. He still needs to subsist on a diet of blood, but can eat normal food human and otherwise, it simply doesn't nourish him. Due to his age, his need for blood has diminished drastically. According to myth and legend he once destroyed an entire colony and the orbital space station while hunting something. He has been known to have a soft spot for human women and knows the captain and crew of the Ultima Esperanza seemingly well.


Main article: Rosabella


Main article: Xion

Nerina LaVigne

Main article: Nerina LaVigne

Crew of the Kokoro

Janny Doffeulil

Main article: Janny Doffeulil

Greco Doffeulil

Main article: Greco Doffeulil


Resident A.I. of the freighter ship, the Kokoro. Rodriguez, affectionately called "Rod" by captain Victor Ace, is the living embodiment of the ship, able to control certain mechanisms himself on the ship, as well as assess and monitor the ships specs, performance, and deterioration. He appears as a green-blue hologram of a handsome Hispanic man, able to materialize in just about any space on the the Kokoro. Rodriguez is often a voice of reason and concern on the ship, making him quite popular with the crew. Rodriguez's programming makes him a gentle, at times fatherly, companion.

Rupert Lodess

Main article: Rupert Lodess
Rupert is the head engineer of the Kokoro.

Crew of the Ultima Esperanza

Elrick Peregrine

Main article: Elrick Peregrine


Main article: Tau

Allied Systems of Houl

Planet of Borr

Gaspare Tandem

Kindhearted, gentle, and slightly high-strung father of Alphonse and Foura Tandem. He was an accomplished and famous architect, who often was able to stay home with the children and work on his designs when not called away. A native of Borr, Gaspare had the traits of many Borreans, including the "Borrean blue" eyes. In 2409 he died when the Deodato was hit with high electromagnetic radiation, and exploded over the planet's surface during the Great Magnetic Storm of Tethys.

Corianna Tandem

Mother of Alphonse and Foura Tandem, Corianna wore the pants in the house. A successful and powerful engineer, Corianna lead some of the greatest projects in the development of Borr in its golden age. Corianna was originally from the planet of Leel and moved to Borr when she was a young girl with her family. She met her future husband while both attended Zodia Corona University, and they were wed two weeks after their graduation. She died, along with her husband, during the Great Magnetic Storm of Tethys.

Foura Tandem

Younger sister of Alphonse Tandem, Foura was a sassy and spirited youth. She lived a blessed life with her brother and parents on Borr. When the Great Magnetic Storm of Tethys devastated much of Borr, she and her brother became homeless orphans in the space of a night, and were forced into child labor to survive. Foura was resilient and proud, but over time, she became worn and despondent. She died when she and numerous others were crushed by a poorly secured battleship engine.

Sushe Jid

Elder sister of Corianna Tandem and aunt of Alphonse and Foura Tandem. Like her sister, Sushe (pronounced soo-shah) hailed from Leel. She was rather nerdy and loved books, and followed her sister to Borr. She took a job as a librarian, and there she met her future husband, professor Arend Lease. The couple moved to the city of Hum when Arend received a job offer at Belden University. Sushe was Alph and Corianna's favorite relative due to her fun-loving and quirky nature, and they were often sent to stay with her and Arend when Gaspare and Corianna left for business. She died on her way home from the grocery store, due to severe radiation poisoning and burns she suffered in the Great Magnetic Storm of Tethys.

Republic of Polkind

Madeline Xu

Main article: Madeline Xu

Madeline is a free agent, much like the crew of the Kokoro, though she tends to work alone. She mans a tiny ship called the Qara Aslan. She is in her 30s, and hails from the planet Heranus in the Republic of Polkind. She has a normally cheerful, boisterous, and confident personality, which can grate on the nerves after long exposure. She became infatuated with Alph when she met him at a space station. After witnessing Alph's superior knowledge of engineering and good looks, Madeline was instantly in love. Since that fateful meeting, Madeline has pursued Alph numerous times by ship and on foot. Whenever Alph rejects her, virtually every time, Madeline turns vengeful and jealous, and will lash out physically either with her own weapons or her ship, depending on which is closer. Alph fears her, and instantly panics whenever she sends a transmission. Alph will drive the Kokoro to its limits to get away from her, not only for his own safety, but all those who might get caught in the crossfire.


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