Carissa Krelian

Carissa Krelian is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is played primarily by JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino.

Character Overview

One word used to best describe Carissa would be "charming". And she is at that. She is brimming with charm, almost to the point of ridiculousness to those who know her well, though there are few, if any, who do. It would also be appropirate to call her the life of the party, though she rarely attends large social functions unless given a very good reason. Though she seems like a perfect doll, in reality she is completely self-centered and sees others primarily as tools.

Typically Carissa spends her time planet-hopping, which, with her family's impressive fortune it is quite easy to do. She never stays in one place very long, as she becomes bored with people very quickly. It is one of the reasons it was typically so hard for her family to keep track of her after she left and furthermore quite surprised her when first her sister Ezmerelda and then Randall's servant were able to locate her. But somewhat curious as to what exactly her little brother was up to, she relented to return to Polkind.


Those who meet Carissa immediately note the sweet and gentle air she radiates. She is almost always wearing a polite smile and seems to be concerned for the wellbeing of others. However, she can easily affect guilt on another should she desire to. And this is the danger of her. Hidden behind that perfect smile of hers is a lethal intelligence and a highly controlled attitude. Unlike her elder sister, Carissa’s anger, when displayed at all is cutting and ice-cold, but still always controlled. It is generally unleashed in subtle ways which most people would generally not notice at all unless very close to her. And no one is close to her.

Despite her ridiculous charm, the truth of the matter is that Carissa cares only for herself. Any and everything she does is for her own goals, whether or not they assist others in the process. She has little to do with her siblings, and honestly could care less about them. For the most part, she regards other people as her tools to use, and she does so constantly, so much so that she can be inept when it comes to caring for herself. Skills like cooking or cleaning are more or less foreign to her.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Of her sisters, Carissa is the one considered to be most blessed in terms of physical features. She appears elegant and soft, with a neatly oval face and gently sloping high forehead. Her nose is small and straight and her mouth is perfectly proportioned to her face; sweet though not quite enticing. Her hips are just correctly wide enough to emphasize her womanly figure but not to the extent of appearing overweight. She sports a head of thick strawberry-blonde hair which is kept up in a neat chignon and possesses a pair of pale lavender eyes hidden behind long, thick lashes.

Standing at 5’8”, Carissa is certainly not short, but hardly tall, therefore appearing generally unthreatening. She keeps herself neatly, with short nails and clean, conservative dress. She typically wears suits of various shades to compliment her rosy skin tone and low but classy looking heels. All of her skirts, blouses and jackets are made from fine fabrics: silk, velvet, linen, cashmere, and satin being among the most common. It is important to her to dress well, as part of getting others to play into one's hand is in how your outward appearance makes them feel. Her choice of clothing is generally to make others comfortable, but sometimes slightly intimidated, as well.


As the second eldest of the Krelian children, one might assume that Carissa fell into the background under her sister Kelvena’s shadow. However, considering that Kelvena spent most of her time with their mother, Carissa took on many aspects of the oldest child. She was, for instance, the most favored by her father, which is not to say he was kind to her, but only that she came closest to fulfilling his expectations. She did not spend time with her elder sister or her mother, which would account for why she never learned the “womanly skills”. Instead she spent most of her young life being schooled in the finer points of literature, art, and music, particularly, the piano-forte and voice, as was insisted upon by her father. However, as she grew older she became less tolerant of her home life and family, whom she considered fairly useless. At the age of 20 she commandeered a small space vessel from a rather vulnerable young captain and escaped the confines of her family’s estate in Lilivert. In the ten years she has been away she has travelled to many different planets; not particularly with a mission per se, but on her own personal little journey which may or may not ultimately have a purpose.

Powers and Abilities

Carissa has this strange and almost unnnerving ability to convince others to do whatever she wants. This is not just some easy feeling, this is the real deal. Aside from this and her musical talent she has no outstanding skills, and carries no weapons with her. But of course, she's never needed them.


The formula is simple. If Carissa wants something from you, you will inveriably end up giving it to her. Many people are convincing, but she takes it to the limit. There is something quite unexplainable about her charm and her savy word-smithing that makes anyone, no matter who they are, really want to do things for her.


As her father explained to a colleague once, skill on the piano-forte carried all the marks of a charming young woman, which was exactly as he wished her to be. Starting at the age of 3, Carissa took twice weekly lessons and was "encouraged" to practice several hours a day.


Because no self-respecting woman would show off her ability with an instrument without being able to accompany with her voice, Carissa also took twice weekly voice lessons and while she is not nearly as good at singing as she is witht he piano-forte, she can still make quite lovely music when she uses her musical skills together.

Weaknesses and Handicaps

The one negative effect of being schooled as a charmer and not much else is that Carissa knows nothing about the skills that would help her be self-sufficient. As a result, she finds she must often use any willing participant (and believe me, there are many) to take care of her needs. She typically has cooks, tailors, and mechanics employed either on her ship or at the various planets she visits to serve her whims. Of course they are always more than happy to help her so she doesn't really see the problem "employing" them.


Carissa considers herself to be the most important thing in her life, and can make a point of displaying this when she chooses to. Unfortunately, this often blinds her to other people's motives as she seriously believes no one can be so clever that she wouldn't notice what they were doing.

Lack of self-sufficiency

Though her elder sister became very capable in the domestic realm (i.e. cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.) Carissa never got on very well with Kelvena or her mother and as a result absorbed her time doing the things her father wanted her to do. Consequently she doesn't know the first thing about making her own meals or even doing her own laundry. Though she probably wouldn't starve if she absolutely had to fend for herself the results would most likely be fairly disasterous.



Plainly put, Carissa does not like her elder sister. She considers Kelvena unstable and dangerous. Most of their interactions are characterized by sugar-coated insults and very short durations.


Carissa doesn't really think much of Randall, aside from the fact that he's not so intelligent and very wishy-washy. They have a history of sibling rivalry, most times with Carissa coming out on top. She is typically quite condescending to him and doesn't feel he can do much of anything right; even enjoys messing with him for her own amusement. However, his offer of rebellion to her was intriguing, the most interesting proposition she'd been given in ages so she is willing to go along with the plan. It is unknown, though, how long she will play by his rules.


Ezzy is probably the one sibling that Carissa can tolerate the most, hence her allowing Ezmerelda to stay with her. Carissa finds their relationship to be of mutual interest. She doesn't exactly know why Ezmeralda wanted to join her in space, but she does know that her younger sister can take care of things that she knows little about so therefore doesn't mind her presence so much.


Carissa's youngest sister is still much of a mystery to her, being illegitimate. She remains very wary of the child until she can observe her more.


Basic Bio

Carissa Mirhana Krelian
First Appearance: Post # (post # character is first introduced)
Played By: JoseiUnmeinoJoseiUnmeino
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Name Meaning: Grace
Aliases: Rissa, Pretty Princess
Age: 30
D.O.B.: February 3
Species: Human
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132
Blood Type: O-
Hair: Strawberry-blonde
Eyes: Lavender
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Hobbies: Playing the piano-forte
Relatives: Mother (deceased), Father (deceased), Older Sister
Younger Brother, Younger Sister, Youngest Sister
Birthplace: Lilivert, Republic of Polkind
Residence: Wherever she feels like at the time
Abilities: Persuasion
Weaknesses: Inability to take care of her basic needs
Weapon: none
Theme: (YouTube link character theme songs)

End Saga
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