Bellona (aka Belle) is a fictional character in the roleplay Endsaga. She is the Ultima Esperanza's central computer AI and is played primarily by The JenThe Jen.


The word that best describes Bellona is loud. She is curious, friendly and extremely hyperactive. As the avatar of the central computer she thinks she is superior to the other two and tends to do as she pleases. Belle is very sympathetic to Tau and very loyal to Elrick. Although she may seem to be a shallow and brainless ditz, it is very easy to forget that she is an extremely advanced intellegence and knows a lot more than she lets on…

Appearance and Physical Traits

Although technically she could appear however she chose, Belle prefers to appear in the form of a fairy. She blonde, slender and has very full pouty lips. She wears very little in the way of clothing, mostly a pair of pink and black striped stockings, pink leather shorts and a tight fitting pink top that only comes down to just below her chest. She can appear either human sized, tiny or sometimes just a ball of pink light. When entering the room she tends to be in this form, descending dramatically from the most central light source.


As the central computer's AI her main function is the day to day operation of most of the ship's primary systems. Originally, Bellona was not the same as she is today. When the Esperanza was first built, the AI's had no personality and no real avatars to speak of. After being stolen by the Elrick and his father, Elrick radically customized the ship including the AI's. He created their personalities to help him cope with the awful loneliness of space. Belle has served her master faithfully ever since.



As the captain of the ship she obeys his orders without question. Their relationship is odd, she treats him as if he were both her father and her brother. She enjoys making him smile with her antics, but knows full well when to leave the cheering up to Tau. Belle will not tolerate anyone speaking ill of the captain, including the other AI's. She has a tendency to come up with excuses to affectionately kiss him on the cheek.


Belle is extremely fond of the kitsunian, acting as a protective older sister to the attractive young woman. She is fully aware of Tau's moodswings despite her best efforts to hide them, and becomes upset whenever the lieutenant is distressed.


She has terrified the green something-or-other to the point that he will often flee from her and cower behind Tau whenever she is around. This is due to her becoming bored and trying to ride him like some kind of flying pony. Still, when the kitsunian is present they can often get along if solely to make her smile.


To her, Deimos is a good-for-nothing lazy brother who spends all his time in sleep mode. She loves to tease and antagonize him at every opportunity, often leading to him angrily chasing her about the ship despite the fact that either of them could just disappear at will. One would have to be pretty thick headed not to see that she actually cares about him a great deal. Just don't say that to her face…


Belle dislikes the unpleasant and contemptuous third AI. She does not trust him and becomes uneasy in his presence. His open statements about Elrick's mental state and Tau's emotional predicament irritate and anger her.


  • She likes to refer to using various systems on board the ship as "fairy magic."
  • Bellona was a Roman war goddess associated with Mars.
Bellona "Vociferous Flabbergast the Amazing"
(She just made that part up) ^_^
First Appearance: Post # 3
Played By: The JenThe Jen
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Name Meaning: War or Warwaging. (Latin)
Aliases: Belle
Height: Small size: 6" Normal size: 5'0"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue or pink with spiral shaped pupils.
Ethnicity: Appears Caucasian
Occupation: Artificial intelligence
Relatives: Phobos & Deimos, "brothers"
Theme: WAKA LAKA!!!!!

End Saga
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