Beautiful Lies

Sarahmon (aka God) is a deity in the pantheon Earth. She is omniscient and goes by the aliasBeautiful_liesBeautiful_lies.

Character Overview

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Appearance and Physical Traits

Is… FEMALE omg lol An inferior species.


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Powers and Abilities

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Ability 2

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Weaknesses and Handicaps


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Character 2

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  • Thinks Krys is as yummy as ice cream <3 <3
  • Owns more books then DVDs

Basic Bio

First Appearance: Post # -46
Played By: Beautiful_liesBeautiful_lies
Voiced by: Actor Name) ((language actor speaks))
Name Meaning: Princess
Aliases: Beautiful_lies, Sawah, Sarahlady, Sazza, Miss Loquacious
Age: 18
D.O.B.: 2nd Oct 1990
Species: Not sure.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 60
Blood Type: Red
Hair: Brunette with blonde highlights
Eyes: Green, blue
Ethnicity: White lol
Sun Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Writing and taekwondo
Relatives: Brothers and parents
Birthplace: Australia
Residence: Your head
Abilities: Um…. Being obnoxious.
Weaknesses: None!
Weapon: My words and if that fails my fists and feet.
Theme: Kung fu fighting 8D

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