Alphonse Tandem

Alphonse Tandem (aka Alph) is the first mate of the freighter ship the Kokoro, and character in the roleplay, Endsaga. He is primarily played by StitchyStitchy.

Character Overview

Alphonse Tandem, better known as Alph to friends and his crew, is the 28 year old first mate of the Kokoro. He has lived and worked on the Kokoro for 15 years under his best friend and colleague, Victor Ace, and has been first mate for about 11 years. An accomplished mechanic, pilot, and negotiator, Alph acts as the glue that keeps the crew and the ship intact and running smoothly. He handles many tasks, such as cargo management, ordering supplies, and navigation, which are appropriate to his station, but also participates in maintenance, repair, and upgrading of the ship itself. Alph's real passion is mechanical maintenance, essentially labeling him a grease monkey. He is seen by the crew as a secondary chief engineer to Rupert Lodess.

Likely one of the most respected people on the crew, Alph is all about his work, and making sure the crew is happy and efficient. He leaves little time for himself, and often leaves an initial impression of being a responsible, serious, and courteous person. Sometimes very stubborn and convinced in his views, Alph gets it done, and gets it done his way. It's always worked for him, and very few people even bother to question him, save for perhaps Victor Ace. Though, Alph certainly isn't beyond joking around and playing around a little with his work and the people he interacts with. Generally, Alph is well-liked and non-confrontational, settling things well and keeping his crew and ship together. Alph traverses the universe proudly as first mate alongside Victor Ace, but perhaps not quite as proudly as when he was young.


Efficient, hard-headed, serious, and focused are words used to describe Alphonse Tandem. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is definitely not a saying in which he believes. In comparison to Victor Ace's nonchalant and laid back nature, Alph is the complete and utter opposite. He prefers to control the flow, rather than go along with it. Safety, security, and integrity are first on Alph's list; he is not willing to lose anything in a process. These traits do not make him completely unapproachable, however. Alph does exhibit a rather wry humor, often catching people off their guard from their usual initial impression of the stoic first mate. Because he is a very analytical and physical person, it takes him a few moments to sum up another person, and thus, he acts accordingly, ever so carefully. When it comes to business, Alph is quite skilled because of this approach. Anything from greeting passengers or new crew, to the usual hefty business transactions he has to make, Alph attempts to please others to the best of his ability. He exhumes confidence and authority, all while wearing a long smile.

Alph is not a particularly withdrawn person, but neither is he a particularly open one. He is either good friends with his crew mates, or at the very least, a person of respect. Socially, Alph is fairly average. He has a few good friends, mainly Victor Ace, the Ship A.I., Rodriguez, and the head mechanic, Rupert Lodess. Besides that, he is on friendly and mildly close terms with the rest of the crew. Choosing to speak only when he has something to say, Alph is often very careful with his speech. He exhibits leadership qualities and the guff to give out orders, which has earned him the title of first mate, and thus maintained it for 11 years running. Despite his generally friendly nature, Alph doesn't divulge many personal details about himself to most people.

His stubbornness can go to such a length that he will not acknowledge anyone's opinion, making him painfully set in his beliefs and plans. When he thinks he is the most qualified to be making a decision, he makes it clear. This is probably one of Alph's greatest weaknesses. He is incredibly used to taking charge, and since he has witnessed many bad mistakes by his captain over his formative teenage and young-adult years, Alph has taken it upon himself to make the best decisions, and in the end, the only decisions. Despite this, there are times when Alph actually does not care, chooses to step back, and not get involved. And that is usually because he has decided he can do nothing to stop it, anyway.

Privately, Alph can be a really fun guy to hang out with. On the extremely rare occasion that he is not busy, Alph can act his age and still have a good time, like most normal planet-dwellers. He greatly enjoys movies of any kind, and will avidly discuss them with any other movie lover. Like almost all people, Alph does have a soft side. Though he is not very good with comforting people, Alphonse will go out of his way to at least be there for others. For whatever reason, his confidence in his people skills seem to crumble when it comes to such activities, but he still manages to pull it off. In general, Alph is a pretty likable guy, though a little stiff and strict, at first. But. once one gets to know him a little, his wry, humorous nature surfaces. And thus, one may see the side of Alph that is more relaxed, and ultimately a lot of fun to experience.

Appearance and Physical Traits


Alph grew up on Borr, a planet located in the region of space known as the Allied Systems of Houl. His home was in the capital city of the Yogund region, Sayd. Virtually the greatest center of commerce and culture on the planet, and the richest, it was a great privilege to grow up there. Alphonse had very little worry and high hopes for the future, naturally, as did his parents. It never seemed Borr's successful place in the universe at the time would be compromised, due to the planet's rich resources and sheer size. The first child of Gaspare and Corianna Tandem, his family life was a good and comfortable one. His mother was a regarded engineer, while his father was an architect, professions befitting their home world and securing financial security. Alph was exposed to both fields at an early age, unsurprisingly, and aspired to follow in his parents footsteps and design starships, engines, or plasma cannons. He had a very good relationship with his gentle father, who was at home more often than his mother, coming up with his designs in his office. His younger sister Foura was born when Alphonse was nearly five, and the two were close, though Alph enjoyed teasing her a great deal.

Powers and Abilities

Ability 1, etc

Weaknesses and Handicaps


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"Making the Drop"
by Elijah James Shepard
"The Patient"
by Tool

Basic Bio

Alphonse Tandem
Alph as he appears currently
First Appearance: Post # 13
Played By: StitchyStitchy
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese)
Michael Bublé (English)
Name Meaning: In conjunction, he is noble and ready
Aliases: Alph
Age: 28
D.O.B.: November 8th, 2399
Species: Human
Height: 5'10" ( cm)
Weight: 162 lbs ( kg)
Blood Type: A
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Borrean
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
Occupation: First mate of the Kokoro
Citizenship: - A.S.H. Native Citizenship
- Borrean Planetary Alliance Native Citizenship
- State of Yogund Native Citizenship
- R.P. Ephe Trade Citizenship
Hobbies: - Repairing/building machines
- Practicing Okinawan kobudō
- Being first mate
- Tea brewing
- Watching movies
- Drinking
- Picking up the occasional hooker
Relatives: Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased)
Aunt (Deceased), Younger Sister (Deceased)
Birthplace: City of Sayd, Yogund, Borr
Residence: West Wing High Quarters on the Kokoro
Abilities: - Okinawan kobudō
- Ship piloting
- Plasma gun handling
- Machine repair
- Leadership qualities
- Hardworking
Weaknesses: - Hard-headed, unwilling to listen
- Crying girls
- Workaholic
- Inexperienced with relationships
Weapon: - Blant Tonfa (x2)
- FZX 120 Semi-Automatic Plasma Pistol
- High-Power Plasma Wrench
- Numerous plasma pistols, rifles, and cannons

End Saga
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