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Thanks! by SephithSephith

Throwing this up as a brief thanks for all of the recent wiki activity. I'm grateful it's catching on!

This is also a reminder about the forum. I've been posting in there! Make sure you check that whenever you're looking at the wiki; it should be part of your rounds! <3

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Potential board move by SephithSephith

Okay, guys…I know. We're all tired of the downtime with freepowerboards. It's holding the roleplays back, definitely.

I've already talked about this with most of you, but just to clarify, it's pretty much 95% certain that we'll be moving to this place. I did some digging and learned that the people buying out freepowerboards, Crowdgather, are still having trouble despite the server transfer. Basically, their hardware is having trouble consolidating the massive amount of traffic freepowerboards has to handle; they're apparently working on it. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of waiting. At the very least, for now, we'll continue the roleplays on the Proboards version, and make a decision about it later on.

If we decide to stick with Proboards, though, we'll have to transfer every relevant roleplay post over. I have them all saved, though…not the characters. >_< If freepowerboards ever stabilizes long enough, I'll nab them, but till then… /shrugs

Anyway, I'd like to do this by using everyone's accounts to post their original posts. I have them all, so it won't be hard, and it'll maintain a semblance of post count (and give the board some legs, for appearance's sake!) This could be done any number of ways - either everyone pitches in, and reposts when it's their turn, or a small group of us sits down, I change everyone's passwords so the small group can all log in under the name and post their posts. There's very little risk involved in the latter, and honestly it'd be faster. But, we can figure that out later.

For now…I have all of these posts, and I think you guys probably want to see them. So, I want you guys to PM your email addresses to me, and I'll send you the posts for the roleplays you're in. (Or you can provide your address in a reply to this, whatever you prefer.)

That's it for now. Thanks~

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At War Portal and Template are Go! by StitchyStitchy

Finally, At War's portal, it's main hub is up! Seriously lacking information, however, since Freepower Boards has been down due to a server move. Thus, no forum for reference. I'm very sorry if something is incorrect or missing; I was going on memory alone. If you would like to change or add anything, be my guest. You may also notice in Trill's article (since it's the only one to At War's name at the moment,) the template will now appear for easy navigation between major At War articles. Once the board is back up, I will be doing some major overhaul myself.

Let's get writing some articles guys!

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